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Youtube channels you didn't know existed

The era of internet fame is well and truly in full swing. Even middle aged adults are coming to terms with the stars of YouTube, but it is still TV shows and movie celebrities that the majority of us recognise.

Here are some popular YouTube stars you (probably) never knew existed:


Youtube channels you didn't know existed

If you want a channel which lives up to its titles, MrBeast is the place to go. MrBeast, otherwise known as Jimmy, makes viral videos, incorporating large sums of money, insanely odd challenges, and titles you wouldn't expect to be real (Clickbait, but the video actually proves to be real!)

MrBeast has over 36 million subscribers, and can make as much as $40,000 on average per video (Oh, and he uploads weekly at the very minimum!).

Logan Paul

Youtube channels you didn't know existed

A former Vine celebrity, Logan Paul has around 20 million subscribers on Youtube. He has made rap videos, partaken in boxing matches, and featured in the news for a controversial viral video. Safe to say, he's a viral star on the web, but perhaps not to the older generations...

The Sidemen

Youtube channels you didn't know existed

As a group of 7 British Youtube stars, the Sidemen have amassed a combined total of more than 55 million subscribers between them. They also have a Sidemen channel, where they post weekly videos together. The Sidemen are well known for their own versions of popular challenges and game shows, such as Tinder, Family Fortunes and Total Wipeout.

The Try Guys

Youtube channels you didn't know existed

Originally from the Buzzfeed network, the Try guys, consisting of Eugene, Ned, Keith and Zac, have gained a special place in the YouTube community. Their popularity came from viral videos on the Buzzfeed channel, and they have since created their own channel with over 7 million subscribers to date, and their own clothing line.

Casey Neistat

Youtube channels you didn't know existed

Residing in Los Angeles, Casey has built up a loyal following on his YouTube channel. He currently has over 12 million subscribers, and regularly vlogs about filming equipment tips and tricks, travel and plane reviews, as well as taking more unusual forms of getting around. Casey is well known for his unique glasses, cycling rants, and his skateboard he uses to travel to and from his own office space. He seems to have a soft spot for Tesla too, so don't be

surprised if you see him and Elon Musk

together in the news some time in the future!


Youtube channels you didn't know existed

If you don't know this guy, or haven't at least recognised the name, you must be living under a rock. PewDiePie, aka Felix, has one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in existence, with over 100 million subscribers. That's more subscribers than the population of the UK, Australia and New Zealand combined!

PewDiePie is well known for his gaming videos, comedy skits and reaction videos, we advise you check him out so you understand how popular he actually is.

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