Why you don't need IT support or services?

Can we get by without IT Support?

Why you don't need IT support or services?

Sounds like clickbait, because it is. But what we do want businesses to do is to simply google "why you don't need IT support". And for you to research the pages that you get. The simple answer is, there will be no page that you can find that will be able to successfully come to the conclusion that you don't. In fact, there may be a good chance this blog may turn up and hog the result of your search. Wow.

We think large companies should definitely have their own in-house IT support team, for sure. Big companies know how much they will lose in terms of efficiency and productivity to the point that they cannot justify the numbers should they decide not to have an IT support team. But what about the small guys? Does it really make a difference? Yes, it does. In a team as small as five people, even if one computer slows down, you are looking at week's worth of wages going down the drain. You are looking at lower productivity and losses you cannot fathom. If you put pen to paper and really work how much a slow computer affects you, from a monetary sense, you would be shocked. A temperamental internet connection could mean problems with emails flowing in and out, a possible result could be losing a client. Lack of automated backup could mean if one computer goes, so does all the information it has. That could mean loss of tax documents, invoices, legal documents what have you.

IT is the infrastructure of the office, the backbone. It needs to be well looked after. The emotional distress a bad infrastructure will lower your staff's willingness to put in that extra effort. So why are you even googling "Why you don't need IT support?"

Why you don't need IT support or services?

False narratives

Why you don't need IT support or services?

Most companies and organizations are under the impression that you need to be a large company to require IT support. Which is really untrue. Small companies need IT support even more than large entities. They cannot afford to lose any efficiency and time. Productivity loss from a slow computer can seriously impede the ability of a small organization to grow. You will be set back by technical challenges for much too long and not be able to focus on the business itself.

The other narrative is "we can do IT support ourselves". This is also not true, because firstly you should not even have time to do it yourself. You have your job role to focus on and all of your time must be allocated to your role.

IT support and services firm is designed to supplement your IT support needs, your infrastructure, development. Even your app build is best off under the project management of your IT consultant firm to look after and not you. Over and over again we have come across clients that have no idea what they are doing and recklessly rely on their own initiatives to sort out their IT technical issues. From keying in their own DNS records and make a mess of things to managing their own IT network infrastructure with messy wires and WiFi. This is not an efficient way to do it, and to look professional you have to be professional.

Why you don't need IT support or services?

The cost of IT support services

Why you don't need IT support or services?

Another hurdle much small organization fails to overcome is the cost aspect of hiring an IT support and services provider. You need IT support services as much as you need office space. You could technically have your office at home and that would not look too good with your workers and clients coming to your residence to do business. And in the same manner, to DIY your infrastructure and not include the cost of IT support into your maintenance calculations is irresponsible.

Large organizations have an IT support department because they need an IT support department. They have approached a size large enough to realize how they could ever survive without one. In fact, in most retrenchment exercises, the one department that is never reduced is almost always the IT department.

IT support departments are expensive, an IT support manager would cost you easily eighty to a hundred thousand US dollars in wages each year. You could hire two IT support and services firm for that amount of money!

Why you don't need IT support or services?

Internal versus external IT support

Why you don't need IT support or services?

Since you have a budget for IT support and IT services, what are your options? We have already mentioned the cost of an average IT manager. Of course, you can simply make do with an IT support assistant in-house. But that will still cost you more if you include annual leave, medical costs, etc. And unless you have a large team of over a hundred personnel, chances are you do not really need one. For now. In fact, large tech companies like Google and Facebook constantly outsource some of their IT support jobs to companies that are more specialized.

Some companies are better equipped and have the manpower to manage servers, so google and amazon hire them to manage their server farms overseas. There are all-rounder IT support and services firm that has IT support specialists with the know-how to do all, they do not come cheap but they are experts in their field. Think of special forces for hire.

Why you don't need IT support or services?

How to choose the right IT support and services firm?

Why you don't need IT support or services?

So how do you choose the right one? Between us, there are IT support firms out there that are not true IT support and service providers.

For example, look at the guys at the top of Google, Facebook and Microsoft. They may not necessarily be the best programmer or tech guys. What they do have is an idea, of what a good tech product looks like and foundational technical knowledge behind their product.

Leadership is very important, any businessman can register an IT support and services firm, hire a bunch of IT support technicians and simply manage the manpower. Would you really trust a company when the owner himself is not a technologically savvy person? How can you expect such a person to strategize and manage both your IT support requirements and his personnel? You wouldn't trust IT personnel to manage and run an ad agency so why would you?

Great IT support providers can provide you with references to their existing pool of customers. Call them up and ask these clients what they think of the service and take it from there. Mainly, if the owner is not a tech guy, we would recommend not going with that company. Simple.

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