Why You Need Microsoft Teams For Your Business

You may be wanting to improve the convenience of home working for your business at the moment, it may prove difficult if you are unsure of which platform to use in order to get your staff set up again.

Why You Need Microsoft Teams For Your Business

Microsoft Teams is a new, improved and renamed version of Skype For Business, Teams is a fantastic cloud based collaborative tool that can be accessed and downloaded onto any device. You can also use it as an extension of Office 365 for free (It will be part of your office package and will appear in your email shortcuts).

If you're unsure as to why Microsoft Teams is such a great choice, here are a few important things to note about the platform:

  • You can sync files and downloads, and access them via the app, making file sharing with colleagues in your organisation quick and easy

  • Conference calling is available, with up to 250 participants per Microsoft Teams meeting allowed

  • Instant messaging comes along with GIF search, emojis, file shares, screen shares and much more - Just like you would enjoy using apps like Facebook Messenger!

  • Meet and message people outside your organisation and add them as external contacts. You can also add new organisations, where you can add guests, and be invited into new groups

  • Create messaging channels (groups), so you can deploy tasks and begin discussions with different departments of your team

Microsoft Teams comes at a cost of $5.00 (US), per user per month - So cost isn't really a big factor, plus if you're already using the Office 365 package, it'll come as a free extension onto your setup. Microsoft Teams doesn't need to be downloaded as it can be used via search engines such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, but it is free to download should you just want to join meetings, or make and take calls via the Teams app.

Why You Need Microsoft Teams For Your Business

Your staff will benefit massively from being able to utilise the channels feature in Microsoft Teams, they can receive messages from the office, while out and about, or from home - So if you have tasks you need them to do, you don't have to wait to tell them until the next day. Simply pop them a message over Teams and they will know their job/s for the next day - There's something a bit weird

about just texting someone a task via

SMS messaging...

Why You Need Microsoft Teams For Your Business

Just like Skype For Business, you can implement screen sharing into your activities. If your employees need help, our you're just looking to review work real-time, screen sharing is great as it lets you choose to take control of the window.

Why You Need Microsoft Teams For Your Business

Plus, you don't have to share your entire desktop, alternatively, you

can share a preview of the browser you're both working on, which can

help avoid having a mess of tabs and desktop applications blocking your view.

Microsoft Teams is an all rounder for cloud based business collaboration, trust us when we say this will make home working and digital communication far easier for your business.

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