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Why Cloud Storage Is Important to Your Company

Updated: May 13, 2020

Have you ever wondered how the best companies in the world find it so easy to cooperate, even if they have god knows how many offices over the world and thousands of employees working around the clock to serve their customers?

Thousands of Businesses will go through regular cycles where storage will be taken up, on employee's and owner's PCs. They will very regularly delete files in bulk and come to the realisation they deleted important stuff...

There are many Companies now though, that have risen from this classic mistake and are now many yards ahead.

Why Cloud Storage Is Important to Your Company

Their efficiency in motion is through the use of Cloud Storage. The services you'll be familiar with are probably Google Drive or OneDrive.

They enable organisations to share resources across a full company network - Without having to share an email with dozens of people each time.

To set up a device with Google Drive or OneDrive compatibility, a user must assign an email address to the Cloud service, this would be a Gmail account for the Google Drive, and a Hotmail (Microsoft Office) account for the OneDrive storage.

How does Cloud Storage Work?

Cloud Storage acts as an internet-based storage system, meaning that you're not limited to using storage methods like USB sticks and external memory for your PC. Many cloud storage options offer in excess of 10GB for free, while premium subscriptions to services like Microsoft Office for Business can provide storage plans of 100GB, 1TB or even 6TB - Should a business ever reach that level of storage, without deleting even some files in the process!

Why Cloud Storage Is Important to Your Company

When a user is added to a company cloud plan, they automatically sync into the file-sharing "region", by region we really mean the place where everyone within the same email group (e.g. @companyA.com) gets access to everyone else's files within that group.

What are the Benefits for a Company that adopts Cloud Storage?

By implementing a Cloud-Based storage service, companies can improve their operations in a number of ways, these include:

Cost savings - Cloud Licenses, in the long run, cost less than manually arranging and filing all incoming documents. Companies have to factor in the cost of suspension files, paper, printing ink, plastic inserts, drawers, plastic wallets, and all the other nitty-gritty that goes on to ensure important documents are stored in paper form.

By going to cloud storage, all of them running costs are scrapped, and only the data that gets stored into the cloud is paid for - which will be much cheaper either way!

Improved Records Management - By storing sensitive documents and company contracts on the cloud, it provides an easy tool for employees across the different departments to share and access each other's documents.

For example, a contract may be signed via the sales department of a Telecommunications company for new equipment to lease to a client. Next, this might need to go to the Accounts Department to set up future billing, and then the contract may be required by the operations team to bring the equipment together. Do you see how useful a Cloud Storage is for company records now?

Having Cloud Storage dramatically improves the way your company can interact, any kind of document can be shared, really. Whether it is audio such as call recordings, PDF Contracts, and agreements, tax files for employees, or even video attachments - Cloud Storage is a brilliant solution for your Company's IT and general organisation.

Why Cloud Storage Is Important to Your Company

How Much Is it Going to cost to set up the Cloud Storage Solution for a Business?

If you are an SME Business looking to set up your own Cloud Storage, there's a fair chance you could get away with 1TB of storage, this is priced at $5.00 (U.S) each month, per device. Companies with less than 10-15 employees generally function with this style of Cloud Storage plan - This is the most basic package offered by Microsoft OneDrive, and trust us when we say - This is a great value! The service can be linked with the Teams app and other outlook services to ensure seamless file sharing.

Other popular Cloud Storage Services that offer monthly prices for storage are listed below in USD ($), you may find that the popular brands aren't the best value in terms of your needs as a business!

Why Cloud Storage Is Important to Your Company

Dropbox - On a monthly billing cycle, expect to pay $15 per user/month to work with 3TB total storage. This bill can be slashed to $12.50 per month if a business is to opt into one year's worth of cloud services.

Why Cloud Storage Is Important to Your Company

Mediafire - Can come at anywhere between $3.75 - $5.00 per user/month for 1TB, also offer a generous file size limit of 20GB, so video and audio sharing is definitely a favourable feature to take on with Mediafire!

Sync.com - Another great cloud storage provider, offering 1TB at $5 per user/month - users can be flexible in that Sync.com offers unlimited size file sharing, however, the desktop app will most likely have performance issues once files in excess of 40GB are being distributed.

1TB of data, as expected - can probably be sufficient for many SME companies, especially if your range of files that you share are mainly word documents, PDF, pictures and excel - These kinds of files will take-up no more than a few hundred megabytes each.

Companies can easily upgrade their storage plans for a couple of extra dollars per user/month, most Cloud Storage service providers will generally provide a minimum 3TB of data storage on the next package up after 1TB, for a fraction of the difference in cost.

Thank you for reading 'Why Cloud Storage Is Important to Your Company' and we hope you have a wonderful day.

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