Why hacking is easier than you think

The hacking of computers and laptops is something we all fear, but ultimately it can be something impossible to avoid. Let's check out why hacking is easier than you would think.

Hacking generally comes in the following kind of formats:

  • Ethical hacking - To improve the security of PC users and alert them about their security flaws.

  • Criminal hacking - Hacking designed to steal information, bank details, sensitive information or content, without being traced.

Why hacking is easier than you think
Why hacking is easier than you think

Both of these kinds of hackers have the brains and techniques to get into any device within minutes, so why is it so easy?

The most obvious reason is the lack of protection PC users have over their passwords - Millions of people who have social media accounts fail to protect their personal information with two-step verification and text notifications, so by the time somebody trying to hack you has guessed your password correct, it is already too late.

What we are even more guilty of is setting up really obvious passwords, and then repeating those same passwords between our different accounts online. If you use the same password for every shopping account, a hacker can spend thousands of dollars using your card details - If you use the same passwords, you're most likely going to be using the same email too - So once they disable "unrecognised account activity" notifications on one account, all of your other online accounts will follow suit.

Why hacking is easier than you think
Why hacking is easier than you think

Some of the most expensive failures in modern business come from data breaches, and hacking into a company's server or data files is really easy if they use the same level of security awareness as any individual would when using their device for personal reasons. So many businesses fail to prepare their staff and warn them about suspicious emails and links. Even opening a link from a spam email can grant a hacker access to your work's PC, this alone can give them the ability to access 90+ percent of the company's data. Before you know it, half of your client's account info or credit card details have been leaked, potentially costing you millions in reparation costs.

Around 85% of security breaches happen in a matter of a few days - This is because hackers aren't loners sat in their rooms on a single laptop, they are established organisations who acquire experts in this field, and if your company isn't taking all the steps possible, like backing up data and regularly updating passwords, you're already one step behind them. The risk is even higher for personal users (Obviously), too many people use personal and relevant words as their passwords, and this simply is a hacker's dream. Remember to take the steps to stay safe, and you can build a wall over your devices, to stop hackers accessing the data you'd hate to be exposed.

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