Why do branded computers cost so much?

So why do all these branded computers cost so much?

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Why do branded computers cost so much?

You're familiar with brands like Apple, Dell, HP, Microsoft, Acer, Lenovo, Panasonic, and what have you. Their computer products come in the form of desktops or laptops. But have you ever wondered why they price the way they do? Is it merely because of the brand name? Or is there a higher level of calculation and justification for the amount you are paying. So let us illustrate this point, allowing you to understand better where your hard-earned money is going to.

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Why do branded computers cost so much?


Why do branded computers cost so much?

A point often overlooked in terms of cost when it comes to a branded computer is integration. We know you have heard of or maybe even partake in do-it-yourself or DIY computers. Creating your desktop computer is not that difficult, and if money is no object, you put the most expensive parts together. Or if you want a budget system, you do the exact opposite using the cheapest parts available. Branded computers like Apple or Dell cannot afford to do that. They have massive overheads and are giant conglomerates. And depending on the brand, the level of integration they commit to can be very little or a lot. That was confusing to hear, we know. A brand that sells lower-cost computers with the same specification as another brand may not necessarily be better or the same quality. That little bit of premium might justify massive hours of integration work. Integration, in a sense, where each part is thoroughly tested and tuned to work seamlessly with the other. Just a simple thing as chassis design from a computer brand, especially when it comes to laptops, can make a massive difference in the longevity of a part. Based on our own anecdotal experiences, we have seen some particular brands that seem to have hardware failures from as little as a year. And you have brands integrated so well, that even after five years, their computers still have resale value. And we know you know what we are trying to say. Integration takes time, a high-end ram capable of running at high clock speeds wasted on a motherboard that cannot support it, forcing the ram to run at a lower performance the motherboard designed to handle. The same thing goes for installing a speedy processor on a computer that has parts designed to perform administrative tasks at best. We know you love having an Intel i7 processor. Run your 'task manager' or 'activity monitor'. If you are running Spotify, mountains of youtube videos, twenty tabs on your internet browser, plenty of excel sheets, and your CPU is still running at 10-20%? You could have saved a few hundred dollars with a lower end Intel i5 processor.

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Why do branded computers cost so much?

Brand design

Why do branded computers cost so much?

Integration is critical component in cost for branded computers, and you can compare it to the programming which happens behind a website. A clunky, ugly and unintuitive design of a branded computer makes life difficult for your sales team. To a certain extent, branded computers like Apple and Asus can credit much of their sales to the sleek design of their computers alone. However, 'design' is not so one-dimensional. From negotiating how many peripheral inputs/output ports your customers need, to the size of the screen, the size of the keys on each keyboard, the colour of the finishing and even the overall weight of the product affect the cost of a branded computer. Desktops or laptops or mobile devices, these concerns when it comes to design applies to all. A hardware designer's job is to sit and think from the customers' point of view. But they also are concerned with the needs of the hardware, from cooling to wear and tear. Great brands spend much money on design, it may seem like they are asking for much money from you, but there is much more to it than meets the eye.

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Why do branded computers cost so much?

IT Support

Why do branded computers cost so much?

One thing often overlooked by consumers is the IT support packaged together with the purchase of a branded computer. We are not talking about an IT services company or computer repair shop. Let's backtrack here a bit. Branded computer companies are not like mobile phones or appliance companies. Warranties mean something to them, and some companies offer on-site support. For example, Lenovo or Asus, they cost a little more than average but often come with two to three years of on-site support hour. And this means if your computer goes down for a reason beyond your control, they come down to your house to repair or replace the part for you! And no, we are not joking. Unless you punched your computer or poured water over your laptop keyboard, they come down to where you are to repair your computer. Say your ram dies, your monitors die, or the computer refuses to turn on. Companies like Apple, for example, also provide Apple care, but you have to go down to their service provider location to get service. Maybe they have on-site support, but as far as we can remember, you have to go to them. They do have telephone support too, but that is not what we are talking about here. Here is the weird thing, sometimes the same computer with the same specification are only priced maybe a hundred dollars apart, yet one of them comes with on-site support, and the other does not. And this is what we think is very important, especially for you as a consumer to focus. Your time is essential; your time is money. Do you have time to bring your computer somewhere to get it fixed or would you rather have technicians on standby to come to you at a moment's notice? Many things in this world are inaccurately priced. But trust us, when it comes to computers, that is not necessarily the case. These brands have been around for ages because they deliver quality. Still, good brands can run the risk of going out of business because consumers are ill-informed. You have to do your part in ensuring the longevity of brands that are working hard to deliver to you the best product possible.

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