Why aren't you using the cloud?

In the current climate, more and more businesses (As well as individuals) are having to take hold of new technology, and new services, in order to get things done online. Cloud-based services have been one of the biggest winners of the pandemic.

The current pandemic is the first real change to societal normality in the world where laptops, PCs, the internet and online collaboration are a core part of our day-to-day lives. A lot of businesses have been leveraging the benefits of cloud technology already, while others are simply missing out by not taking advantage of it.

Why aren't you using the cloud?

So, why aren't you using cloud?

As a business, it doesn't matter if you're small, large, medium, on your own, or working in pairs, cloud services can work for any size of company! If you're feeling reluctant to change, just think about when offices started storing files locally on computers, as opposed to in a chest full of drawers. See, that is already something that might de-stress you, it adds a bit of ease to your mind knowing those files are stored digitally instead of being out in the open.

The only problem at that stage in technology is the absence of a backup - Cloud technology ensures your files are backed up, secure, but also available to the people working for you (i.e. the ones you'd deem it was safe to share with).

Cloud technology isn't dangerous, in fact, you'll benefit from that extra layer of security as your files will be saved across multiple data centres, where they'll be encrypted from the outside world (You should check the risk scores of some cloud storage companies, pick a secure one like OneDrive or SharePoint). Not only are they blocked off from third-party access, but they are easily accessible to you and your own organisation.

Why aren't you using the cloud?

Security - We get it... If you're handling sensitive data on the regular, the last thing you want to do is worry about it being leaked - The truth is, the cloud is even safer than it being on your own hard drive. Cloud governing means that sensitive data is in the hands of professionals, who's job is to literally protect your data with their lives. They're never going to see what your data is about, but it'll constantly get backed up and updated, so you never lose parts of it, should something badly go wrong, which in the cloud is pretty much, never...

Why aren't you using the cloud?

Reluctant to change your ways of working? - You just need baby steps!

If you and your staff are worrying about having to dramatically change your ways of working, don't stress! The cloud is different, that's for sure, but it doesn't mean it is any harder than how you are doing stuff now. In fact, it will turn out to be a lot easier, as your communications, storage, data, and collaboration, can move into one service.

Instead of having physical handsets, dozens of drawers, and silos between different departments in your business (IF you're a little larger, that is), you'll have a one-stop shop for all the things you need to do during the working day, where everyone can text, call and collaborate on the same service.

We recommend you research how the cloud works, as it might help improve your business for the better, that way, you're better prepared for both post-covid, and the long term future.

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