Where are we with holographic technology?

If there is one thing from science fiction most believed would have become a reality by now, it is hologram technology. How far along are we?

Where are we with holographic technology?
Where are we with holographic technology?

It may not surprise you to learn we still have not managed to achieve hologram the same way we see in science fiction movies. We expect to see a three-dimensional image projection in empty air space. However, we have not figured out the execution. We can project green lasers on smoke or mist to create an image, effectively using particles in the air to reflect the light mid-air and collectively forms a two-dimensional image.

Mini-drones with LED lights attached to them can be programmed to fly in the air and together create wondrous three-dimensional outlines as seen in the Olympics and other major sporting events. Not precisely a hologram, but that is as close to a real-world hologram technology for now. Not to say, society or humanity has given up in its pursuit of hologram technology, far from it. Many modern applications pave the way for holograms, some of which have come amazingly close to the real thing.

Where are we with holographic technology?
ar augmented display hologram

More cars on the road have augmented displays on the dashboard, which shows information such as speed, gear, mileage and even battery level. Augmented dashboard display is a form of holographic technology; light projected from the dashboard is reflected on the car windshield from the inside and directs an image towards your eye. This technology is somewhere in between a TV projector and real-life two-dimensional hologram.

We predict when we finally figure out how to project an image in mid-air, the first form of hologram projections will be two-dimensional. Mainly because it is much easier to execute and more straightforward to program, and not far after that, we will begin to see three-dimensional projections. Hopefully, that happens in our lifetime; a three-dimensional cinema experience is going to feel exhilarating. However, it would be difficult to predict how holographic technology will take off in the future. Home entertainment may never be the same again.

Where are we with holographic technology?

Parking aside the future, Looking Glass Factory has already launched and sold thousands of its three-dimensional holographic display monitor. Costing around six-thousand dollars US, the Looking Glass Pro boggles the mind at how close it has come to an authentic hologram as long as you are looking at the display at any angle from the front panel, a hologram display. Currently, designers all over the world are busy churning out files used to display on the Looking Glass Pro.

Where are we with holographic technology?

The Looking Glass Pro does not stop at displaying static three-dimensional images; it even allows you to play a video as seen in the display here. And yes, if you look at the screen from a different angle, you will see the video from a different perspective as well. Currently, Looking Glass Factory is trying to market this display for medical purposes, allowing doctors in many fields to assess the condition of a patients organ scanned via x-ray or ultrasound. And while that is happening, motion animators with access to this display monitor are busy creating fantastic motion animation you can play and watch as a hologram.

The funny thing is, we may not necessarily have the hardware technology for a real-life hologram projection, but we already are developing the software and design technology for it. Which is why we have no doubt, the minute someone figures out how to project an image into the air and make it stay there, it will not take too long at all to convert it quickly into something usable in a short amount of time. To summarize, the world is ready for hologram technology. Maybe you could help us make it happen.

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