Top 5 web browsers for smartphones

Updated: May 14, 2020

DId you know there are many web browsers to choose from for your smartphones? Let us show you the top 5 web browsers for you to consider.

Top five web browsers for smartphones

People don't discuss web browsers as mobile applications. Or at least not that we are too aware of that is. Whether you have an iPhone or an iPad, a Samsung or and LG Tablet, this blog is for you. Many web browsers out there to use on your mobile but which is truly the best. Here is our very own IT Block top five countdowns to help you out.

Top five web browsers for smartphones

Number 5: UC Browser

Top 5 web browsers for smartphones

With a logo that looks like a swirly squirrel, this browser application is optimized for video streaming and video downloading.

Features include: ★ Variety of Stickers & Share with Friends ★ Upgraded Web Browsing Experience ★ Small Window Mode ★ Fast Download ★ Cricket Card Feature ★ Data Saving ★ Ad Block ★ Video for all tastes ★ Facebook Mode ★ Night Mode.

It does seem to be very versatile, but do take note it is a heavy application. So be wary if your phone is only a 16 GB iPhone.

Top five web browsers for smartphones

Number 4: Opera

Top 5 web browsers for smartphones

Opera has always been that new browser to use. What the word, oh yes, hipster. Opera is the hipster of browsers. After all, look at the features they provide:

★ Ad Blocker

★ Free built-in VPN

★ Personalized news feed

★ Easily managed downloads

★ Night mode

★ Private browsing

★ Auto-fill passwords and credit cards

★ Home screen shortcuts

The main critique that we would have of Opera is that it's just not very intuitive as the other browsers. But a little getting used to the navigation, and you would hardly know the difference. Also, if you love the design, why not.

Top five web browsers for smartphones

Number 3: Safari

Top 5 web browsers for smartphones

Safari browser made it to our number three because of how popular it is. Many users who have a Mac tend to install Safari browsers on their android phones since it allows them to synchronize certain things. And we cannot blame them with these list of features:

★Recommend popular sites, let you access them easily. ★Popular Videos from YouTube on the home page. let you connect to the most popular information. ★Fast Browser, it focuses on browse to web completely. not other features that not useful. ★Access iCloud Page easily. ★Bookmarks, let you save your web site. ★Switch between desktop mode and mobile website. ★Share your favorite site with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Top five web browsers for smartphones

Number 2: Firefox

Top 5 web browsers for smartphones

Firefox is all about us, the users. They are, after all, specialized in making browsers under the umbrella of the Mozilla brand.

It is the only browser here that offers privacy and tracking protection, of course if you have a VPN, that suggest protection as well. Firefox, on the other hand, offers encryption automatically and focuses on providing user data protection. Here is a list of its main features:

★ Intelligent searches

★ Next level privacy - as earlier mentioned

★ Firefox sync across devices

★ Intuitive visual tabs

★ Easy access to your top sites

★ Firefox add-ons

★ Quick share

★ Streaming to TV option

As we can see here, it is quite a versatile browser and seems to work with the user in mind. One feature we love is the sync across devices, but this does not seem to work as well as advertised. There is also a need to clear your cache regularly, and the application tends to become quite burdensome over time as compared to the other browsers on this list.

Top five web browsers for smartphones

Number 1: Chrome

Top 5 web browsers for smartphones

Yes, yes, we are very biased. But Google does have the money to back up chrome as an application. Chrome is such a light and fantastic browsers, regardless if you are using an iOS mobile device or an android. It is the best on both of them and here are the reasons as to why that is:

★ Incognito mode - safe browsing

★ Fast browsing

★ Sync your chrome across all your devices.

★ Safe browsing

★ Efficient use of mobile data

★ Google voice search

★ Translation options

★ Personalized recommendations

Chrome keeps it simple. You can't get add-on unlike the Chrome browser on your computer. But that is what you want; a mobile phone not used for complicated things. You want things like google translate, voice search and an application that understands that not all of us have unlimited data. We are not that rich, after all. And unlike Firefox, Google does a great job at ensuring how their Chrome browser bookmarks and history, sync throughout your devices, which is fantastic.

There it is—top 5 web browsers for your mobile device. We knew we could do it and we hope you enjoyed the read, we know we did since we love our work. It is weird, we know.

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