The best 4 wireless touchpad keyboards

Updated: May 14, 2020

In this article we count down the best touchpad keyboards, four of them to be exact.

The best 4 wireless touchpad keyboards

Many people love touchpads and keyboards. Having a mouse means having something extra to carry along, and sometimes all you need is a keyboard since you hardly touch the mouse. And above all else, you're a minimalist. This top four touchpads wireless keyboard blog is just the right fit for you.

We would have loved to do a top five or something, but we could only really find four that we like, so here it goes!

#4 wireless touchpad keyboard

Number 4: Alcatroz Air Pad 1

The best 4 wireless touchpad keyboards

  • Macro Keys: 2.4G Wireless Keyboard, 2.4G USB Receiver, 2 X AAA Batteries Included

  • Switch: Slim And Low Profile,104 Square Keypads With Soft N Silent Keystrokes Give Unique Typing Experience

  • The lifespan of Switch: Soft And Silent Keypads, Quality And Reliable Soft Touch Membrance Keys

  • Others: UV Coated Keypads Ensures Longer Durability Of The Keypad Lettering

Why do we love this? It cost about 19.90 SGD. That is an excellent bargain for a wireless keyboard with a touchpad! So why keep this at number four then, well it is mainly about brand and support. As opposed to the rest of the brands on this list, Alcatrozz is new in the market. A wireless keyboard with a touchpad is a complex piece of hardware and there is a reason why the competition has priced theirs above 60 SGD at least. So prepare for some cheap-feeling plastic that may also result in letters rubbing off after constant use. But still, less than twenty dollars, amazing. Great job Alacatrozz.

Pro: Wireless touchpad keyboard at a bargain.

#3 wireless touchpad keyboard

Number 3: Corsair K83

The best 4 wireless touchpad keyboards

  • The sleek and durable brushed aluminium design suits your modern living room style

  • Brilliant adjustable white LED backlighting illuminates every key and the touchpad

  • Modern joystick control with click buttons plays games like a game-pad and makes menu browsing a breeze

  • Up to 40 hours of continuous use or play while charging when plugged into USB

  • Comfort contoured keycaps with an intuitive layout and 20-key rollover ensure you'll never miss a keystroke

  • Dedicated aluminium volume roller with press-to-mute smoothly fine-tunes your audio

At number three is the very pricey 169 SGD priced wireless keyboard. Corsair is very much a gaming brand, and you know when they design something, it is with gaming in mind.

Nonetheless, that joystick-like ball mouse thing they have attached to that keyboard is such a cool feature. None of the other keyboards in this list has that; they are all touchpads. Then again, this list is about touchpads, and yet we put this keyboard into the mix. Well whatever we say, it is still a type of touchpad after all. The k83 is a premium keyboard and a wireless one at that. So if you can part with a little bit of cash and are a fan of a little joystick-like touchpad as opposed to the regular touch sensor touchpad, this unique and innovative keyboard is the right fit for you.

Pro: Creme de la creme of all wireless touchpad keyboard with a premium price

#2 wireless touchpad keyboard

Number 2: Logitech K400 Plus

The best 4 wireless touchpad keyboards

  • Wireless TV keyboard with touchpad: Enjoy effortless control of your TV-connected computer

  • Compact and slim: Perfect for the living room

  • Comfortable, quiet keys and large (3.50") touchpad: The idea

Logitech makes such great wireless input products that it is no wonder this keyboard was able to slip its way into second place on our top four best wireless touchpad keyboard. If we are honest, we use this keyboard ourselves. It is simple, and it works. The yellow highlights are useful when you are looking for it in less illuminated time of the day. Other than that, what we notice is how sturdy the design is. We have dropped it many times on the floor, and it still works with no issue.

On top of that, the battery life seems almost endless. I think we have to change it once every year (of course we use rechargeable batteries). So far we love it and costing us 65 SGD it is not too hard to stomach really. Great job Logitech as per usual.

Pro: A wireless touchpad keyboard that is simple and easy to use.

#1 wireless touchpad keyboard

Number 1: Microsoft N9Z-00028

The best 4 wireless touchpad keyboards

We have no idea why Microsoft never bothered naming it anything else. Not a very sexy name for such a sexy and straightforward piece of machine. Then again, this is what happens when you don't intend on creating a perfect work of art. You end up creating it.

  • Macro Keys: Integrated multi-touch trackpad/Customisable media hotkeys

  • Switch: Easy access volume controls/Durable/spill-resistant design

  • The lifespan of Switch: Wireless connectivity (USB)

  • RGB: Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-Bit Encryption

  • Others: Works with select TVs and gaming consoles, Hard Drive space:150 MB

The best 4 wireless touchpad keyboards

So how did they make such a fantastic wireless touchpad mouse for around 50 SGD? We have no idea, but they were also able to add encryption and some hard drive space to it too. It's like overkill for a keyboard, and we like it. So many extra functions that we actually could use.

They seem to have thought of everything a child would do to a keyboard, even making it spill-resistant. We think that this keyboard is mechanical art, works well and does its job entirely. Maybe we should start buying them instead of just ogling at them at computer stores.

So that is our top four keyboards that are wireless, and have touchpads. Yes. Well done us. #touchpad #wireless #keyboard #bluetooth

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