Top three mouse pads for FPS gaming (games)

Top three mouse pads for FPS gaming (games)

FPS or first-person shooter games are fundamentally different than RTS (real-time strategy) and RPG (role-playing games). Especially when it comes to the mechanics and movements of your mouse on the mouse pad, RTS and RPGs would effectively utilize more of the mouse pad space for selecting and highlighting. But an FPS game required minimal movement on the mousepad. Refer to the video below where we illustrate the movement range typical for most RPG games on a mouse pad.

Movement in an FPS game is determined by W, A, S and D keys on your keyboard and the mouse is used to determine the direction of movement and aim. With these factors in mind, let's have a look at the top three mousepads we have determined for FPS gaming.

Top three mouse pads for FPS gaming (games)

Number three: MM300 Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad by Corsair

Cloth surface mousepad for precision FPS gaming

As illustrated in the video, the wrist movement of a mouse during FPS games tend to be repeated over the same part of the mousepad repeatedly. Cloth mousepads are fantastic for precision, due to the tiny fibres picked up by the optics of a gaming mouse. The downside is often fraying since a cloth frequently rubbed against damages the fibres. Which is why this mousepad by Corsair we think is an excellent product for FPS gamers out there, the anti-fraying properties are ensuring you don't have to replace your mousepad anytime soon.

Top three mouse pads for FPS gaming (games)

Number two: Razer Vespula V2 gaming mouse pad

Comfort and precision FPS mouse pad

With one hard surface side and the other side a cloth surface, the Razer Vespula V2 is a versatile gaming mouse pad. Of course, for FPS gaming you would be using the cloth surface side, especially for those precision headshots. This fantastic mouse pad also comes with a fantastic memory foam wrist pad, and if you have never tried playing your FPS game without a wrist pad, you have no idea what you're missing. Some weekends, your teammates require you to play back-to-back multiplayer FPS games with them, a wrist pad on your mouse pad keeps you at the top of your game for longer, reducing the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. In any case, this is RPG gaming ergonomic 101; comfort produces the result. Unfortunately, that is not enough to get the Razer Vespula to the number one spot, and we are going to show you why.

Top three mouse pads for FPS gaming (games)

ROCCAT Alumic double-sided gaming mouse pad

German engineered for a perfect FPS gaming experience

The Germans have done it again, engineering a mouse pad with two sides; one side with a smooth surface for fast gameplay and the other side is a granular surface perfect for FPS gamers out there, promoting precision and clarity of movement. Unlike other mousepads which are primarily foam, the ROCCAT Alumic surfaces are on a 3mm thin anodized aluminium surface; this means no more warping.

Top three mouse pads for FPS gaming (games)

The granular surface of this mouse pad ensures a longer lifespan even for the most intense FPS gamers out there. The ROCCAT Alumic also comes with a gel wrist rest, for enhanced comfort for you marathon FPS gamers out there. For those FPS players out there who have any doubt and reluctance with wrist pads, we urge you to try it out. Which is not about us promoting a brand, IT Block has no affiliation with any of these brands, nor do we get any proceeds from the sale of these mouse pads. We understand the fundamental difference between FPS gaming and the rest. Precision and comfort are key. The more comfortable you are, the more consistent you are. Stressing your wrist slows down your movement and inhibit the ability to improve your accuracy and skill the more you play. We hope you find our 'top three mouse pads for fps gaming' useful and happy gaming!

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