Top Health Gadgets That Will Change Your Life 2021

Digital Health is a rapidly growing industry, and Covid-19 has only accelerated its growth exponentially. From the comfort of your home, to the world outside, health and safety should always be our top priority. Here we have consolidated our top 5 picks for health gadgets that will change your life for the better.

1. TytoHome Remote Exam Kit

True to its name, TytoHome is a remote exam kit that allows everyone to conduct a basic medical exam at home. A must-have during the coronavirus pandemic, this groundbreaking health gadget then pairs with a teleconferencing app that connects the user with a certified healthcare provider for a remote consultation, as well as diagnosis, treatment plan, and a prescription if needed. Besides the Tyto device itself, which comes equipped with a digital camera and thermometer, the at-home diagnostic kit also includes accessories like a tongue depressor for examining your throat, an otoscope for ears, and a stethoscope for heart, lungs, and abdomens.

2. Germ Eliminating Travel Wand