Top GPS Trackers to Locate your Pets

Updated: Jul 23

We all train our pets to learn their surroundings and find their way back home, but no matter how trained your pet is, there is always a chance that they lose their way back home. And what can be worse than not knowing where your pet has gone, and whether they are safe where they are. Luckily, technology has advanced so much that keeping track of your pet’s location is no longer as tough as it was a few years ago. Today, with one protective step, we can be sure to never lose sight of our pets ever again. Here we have our top picks for GPS trackers to keep your pets safe and sound.


Before we dive into the list, let's first discuss what we’re all here to talk about. Apple has recently released a product called AirTags, designed to help us forgetful folk lose our knack for losing our belongings. Whether it's your keys, your wallet or your bag, with AirTag, you dont have to worry about lost items anymore - simply track them down from your iPhone. Now, with AirTag being so effective at tracking belongings, naturally this begs the question - what about your pets?

So many people have wondered the same thing. So much so, that Apple themselves have released a statement regarding this very issue. When it comes to pets, the short answer is: Yes. An AirTag can indeed be used to track down our furry friends, but don't be mistaken - it wasn't designed to be. Apple’s VP of Product Marketing, Kaiann Drance, has made it clear that the product is best suited to track products rather than people, as it was purposely designed to do precisely that.

That being said, let's discuss how we could use AirTags for our pets. AirTag will work for finding a missing pet, so long as it is within range of a device connected to Apple’s Find My network. There are some upsides to the product, as pet parents won't have to worry about the battery running out for months on end. However, it does come with some durability limitations. For instance, the trackers are made to be water-resistant, but this applies to events such as dropping the tag in a puddle, or spilling your drink on it. Meaning, the tracker is resistant but only up to a certain depth and for a limited amount of time. This means that should your dog decide to go for a little swim, water exposure beyond these limitations could definitely damage the functionality of the AirTag.

Another limitation to be aware of is its wearability on animals. As it was not made with the intention to stay put on an active dog or cat, excessive movement could lead to the tracker falling off the pet’s collar. Should your pet go missing in this case, you’ll still find your AirTag safe and sound, but we cannot guarantee the same for your beloved pet.

With that being said, there are plenty of trackers that were specifically made to keep your family pet safe and sound. Here are our top few picks for GPS trackers to track your pets.


Whistle has just made location tracking smarter. While the standard Whistle can track down your pet up to 50 feet, the Whistle 3 device can track it up to 3000 miles away. Not only is the Whistle 3 considerably quick and accurate at tracking it also has an extremely durable battery life so you dont have to worry about charging it daily. However, its worth taking note that they might not be a great fit for cats or toy dogs who may not tolerate having such a comparatively big device around the neck. Whistle recommends its trackers for pets 8 pounds and larger.


Weenect is the perfect device for your dog if it tends to run around too much in the neighborhood. It's the world’s smallest GPS tracker for dogs, with real time tracking and no distance limit. You heard that right. Even in the forest where there is limited coverage by the cellular network, the product's integrated SIM card and multi-operator nature allows for for 99% coverage of the territory.For added safety, you can define a safe zone for your pet, and be notified through sms when your pet wanders outside this defined area. Meaning you can go and bring back your runaway dog before it approaches a dangerous road.


Tractive is a GPS tracker known for being super user-friendly, which we owe to the cutting edge technology that it was built with. The application is available for download on both Google play store as well as the App Store. The Tractive GPS trackers let you know your pet’s whereabouts accurately and reliably. This device is suited for both cats and dogs, so regardless of your preference, Tractive is always there to safeguard your pet by ensuring constant surveillance at all times. Similar to Weenect, Tractive also lets you set up a defined safe area on your app, so every time your pet wanders beyond it, the application will instantly notify you with an alert message.


If you’re looking for something more affordable, but still functional, you can try this product out. Humane Tribe Pet Locator Tag works as an external microchip and includes a short URL, QR code, NFC chip, and Humane Tribe hotline so that anybody can easily connect the dog with the owner when found. When the tag is accessed, you’ll always be notified via SMS and email along with Google Maps’ direction. Since it can be connected with the provided app, you can edit your pet profile any time to provide as much information as possible. You don’t need any batteries or subscription to make this work, because it’s microchip-based, making it more cost-effective as there’s no more investment required apart from purchasing the product.

With these products, pet owners everywhere can rest easy, knowing that your pet will never be out of reach. Thanks for reading Top GPS Trackers to keep your pets safe!

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