Top GPS Trackers to Locate your Pets

We all train our pets to learn their surroundings and find their way back home, but no matter how trained your pet is, there is always a chance that they lose their way back home. And what can be worse than not knowing where your pet has gone, and whether they are safe where they are. Luckily, technology has advanced so much that keeping track of your pet’s location is no longer as tough as it was a few years ago. Today, with one protective step, we can be sure to never lose sight of our pets ever again. Here we have our top picks for GPS trackers to keep your pets safe and sound.


Before we dive into the list, let's first discuss what we’re all here to talk about. Apple has recently released a product called AirTags, designed to help us forgetful folk lose our knack for losing our belongings. Whether it's your keys, your wallet or your bag, with AirTag, you dont have to worry about lost items anymore - simply track them down from your iPhone. Now, with AirTag being so effective at tracking belongings, naturally this begs the question - what about your pets?

So many people have wondered the same thing. So much so, that Apple themselves have released a statement regarding this very issue. When it comes to pets, the short answer is: Yes. An AirTag can indeed be used to track down our furry friends, but don't be mistaken - it wasn't designed to be. Apple’s VP of Product Marketing, Kaiann Drance, has made it clear that the product is best suited to track products rather than people, as it was purposely designed to do precisely that.

That being said, let's discuss how we could use AirTags for our pets. AirTag will work for finding a missing pet, so long as it is within range of a device connected to Apple’s Find My network. There are some upsides to the product, as pet parents wo