Top five gaming headset for RPG players

Updated: May 22, 2020

RPG or role-playing games are about being immersive; you leave the world behind and enter a new realm—a headset made for listening for music and movies not tuned for gaming immersion.

Top five gaming headset for RPG players

For accuracy purposes, headphones would be the word to use when it comes to music and movie headphones. Digression aside, a headset for an RPG needs to combine the acoustics of surround sound available in a cinema tuned headphone, but with extra ability to focus on the small detailed sound, like a person stepping on a twig behind you.

An essential aspect of RPG is multiplayer gaming, how to blend the sound of the world with the noise of teammate chatter in a way that does not sound like an all-might being with a terrible PA system. A handful of headsets only addresses these little details. Which brings us to this top five gaming headset ranked specifically for RPG players. All five of these headphones are winners, which is why we list them in no specific order whatsoever. Just like choosing an RPG character, each of these headsets has its strengths and drawbacks. Choose your headset wisely.

Top five gaming headset for RPG players

1. KRAKEN ULTIMATE headset for RPG by Razer

Make sound your RPG weapon

Razer has the monopoly of the colour black and green in the world of gaming. Just like Microsoft is synonymous with operating systems, Razer has the same presence in the RPG gaming world. The significant 50mm drivers are tuned specially for immersion and life-like sound details for gaming, perfect for an RPG. Not contented with 7.1 surround sound, Razer went a notch higher with THX spatial audio for this headset; this allows a higher pinpoint accuracy for sounds. Very useful when trying to locate where the enemy or opponent is attacking. Be it gunfire or a spell cast, knowing where your enemy is essential and a clear advantage over your opponent. Hopefully, they are not using the same headset. While it may sound gimmicky, the gel-infused pads make a world of difference. No matter how comfortable the pad, sweat is confirmed because gaming can be stressful. Having something that can reduce that is going to reduce the need to maintain your pads. These earpads are also easily replaced, another great feature of an excellent headset for RPG.

Top five gaming headset for RPG players

2. DT 990 PRO headset for RPG by beyerdynamic

Studio headset perfect for RPG players

The DT 990 PRO might be a headphone designed for studio, but according to many gamers, they love using this as their RPG headset. Are you confused? We were too at first. German engineered to perfection; this studio headphone design is to appreciate the three-dimensional sound of an orchestra. Many orchestra listeners wish to discern not only the sound coming from an instrument but also feel where each specific instrument played. Which made us think how similar that sounds to a gaming headset, was an RPG gamer who wants to appreciate the direction of every sound. Beyerdynamic is an expert in the world of audio; the sounds from their product line have never described as less than beautiful. It was interesting to learn how many gamers prefer to use the DT 990 PRO as their go-to gaming headset for RPG, and looking at the three-dimensional nature of the sound it produces coupled with the experience Beyerdynamic has in producing high-quality headphone, which we describe as a pleasant accident.

Top five gaming headset for RPG players

3. ELITE ATLAS AERO headset for RPG by Turtle Beach

Ultimate wireless gaming headset for RPGs

Wireless headsets can be annoying, sound can sometimes be choppy, and if you walk to the fridge to get some snacks, you may disconnect and have to go through pairing all over again. But with a battery life of thirty hours, who cares? It is unlikely the ELITE ATLAS AERO would give you any issues with connectivity; considered as one of the best gaming headsets in the market. RPG Gamers who are annoyed continuously by wires hanging everywhere would love to add this headset to their connection. But wireless coolness aside, included in your purchase would be Turtle Beach's control studio, a fantastic software that allows you to customize the sound of your headset. Every person is different, which makes customizing your sound so important, different RPG games may have a different audio setting in their programming. Imagine having a customized profile preset for each separate RPG game, how cool would that be? Turtle beach headsets also boasts its microphone to have crystal-clear and crisp sound quality. Do note, their software is not compatible with Mac computers, sorry.

Top five gaming headset for RPG players

4. A50 WIRELESS headset for RPG by Astra

If money is no object for an RPG player

If an RPG gaming headset should look a certain way, the A50 by Astra has nailed that look. Sharp edges and futuristic design for this premium-priced headphone is not without good reason. The A50 headset boasts noise-cancelling microphone, ensuring the noise from the kitchen does not bother your group chat, it is annoying, and we know that. Non-stop battery life is 15 hours at least and capable of delivering very high decibel without compromising quality. Maybe 15 hours is not long enough for RPG players? The A50 headset also comes with an audio customizing software called the Astro command centre. And unlike the Turtle Beach which only installs on Windows for PC gaming, the Astro command centre works on both Windows and Mac computers—allowing for the same audio profile configuration setting perfect for pairing with different RPG games or other applications. The A50 is not just an RPG headset; it is an all-rounder gaming headset and boasts a tremendous amount of sound power. The main selling point of this RPG headset is the base station itself; it does not require an optical cable, nor does it need the output of a sound card from your PC. The base station connects to your PC via USB, allowing it to pull six channels of audio, processing it as a sound card would before delivering sound to the headset. You are correctly explaining the hefty price tag that comes with it. The A50 base station is the sound card. If that is not sexy to an RPG gamer, we don't know what is.

Top five gaming headset for RPG players


A community project with great RPG possibilites

There is nothing like a good story; a community Drop is designing products differently. Founded in 2012, Drop is a community seven million strong and in this project, they have collaborated with Sennheiser to develop this fantastic headphone for audiophiles all over the world. They started with Sennheiser's HD 650, a flagship product of their between the year 2003-2009, and as we all know, these headphones are not cheap. However, this collaboration is a redesign and slight update, using the original skeleton and technology of the HD 650 to develop something near magnificent for two hundred dollars, the HD 6XX. And we realise how perfect this headphone would be as an RPG headset. Unlike some of the other products you see on this list, the HD 6XX is untuned; in fact, you can say it is not tuned at all. It is as optimized hardware for audio as you can find in the market, which means if you connect it to whatever source, be it a studio jack, a vinyl record player or even a gaming soundcard, you can be confident it will almost always deliver the best possible sound. For those RPG gamers who do not have a soundcard, this may not be the right fit for you. But for some of you who have read this list, you love purchasing the best sound cards in the market, and you need a headphone or headset that can deliver that sound to your ears for a fantastic RPG experience. Look no further.

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