Top Fitness Tech for Your Home Workouts 2021

Much to everyone’s dread, conventional fitness gyms have closed yet again in light of Singapore’s tightened Covid-19 restrictions. Introducing - Digital Fitness. The industry skyrocketed during 2020’s quarantine, and is now booming with a world of new tech to accommodate the shift from gyms to people's living rooms. It can be tricky adjusting to a new workout routine, but it is now easier than ever with the plethora of gadgets at your disposal.

Whether you’re a budding yogi, gym junkie, or just trying to stay busy during lockdown - we’ve got you covered. Here are our top 5 picks for fitness enthusiasts looking to keep fit at home, and with 3 different price points for the well-being of your wallet.

Low ($)

  1. Tangram Smart rope ($60)

If you’re looking for something that packs bang for your buck, look no further. Jumping rope is one of the best killer cardio workouts you can do and the Tangram Smart Rope will help you step it up a notch.

Tangram Smart rope ($60)

As you’re skipping rope, this piece of workout equipment will display stats in mid-air via LED lights. The Tangram Smart Rope is able to store 100 sets of fitness data to help you get lean.

Medium ($$)

2. FitBit Charge 4 ($150)

Slick, swim-proof and seriously smart, the Charge 4 is Fitbit’s most advanced tracker yet.

FitBit Charge 4 ($150)

With built-in Spotify, GPS and Fitbit Pay capabilities, the Fitbit Charge 4 is a must-have for runners, cyclists and swimmers looking to monitor their miles, minus all the cumbersome kit. Not only that, but the new Active Zone system will automatically detect and reward users with double credit for staying in their peak performance zones.

3. HyGear Smart Home Gym System ($199)

Convenience is key with this setup. Gear 1 is a total workout system that replaces traditional gym equipment and a personal trainer, while adding portability and versatility.

HyGear Smart Home Gym System ($199)

It’s a resistance band workout set that you can use anywhere in the home. Almost any space can be retrofitted into a spot where you can tune up your entire body. HYGEAR simplifies your workouts by monitoring reps, calorie burn, and more. It then adjusts your training in real-time for maximum fitness results. HYGEAR’s portable gym supports 500+ moves for workouts you’ll love anytime, anywhere. Hit your fitness goals with their expert led workout programs.

High ($$$)

4. MIRROR ($1,495)

If you’re in the market to invest in something for the long run, this full-body solution would be perfect for you. MIRROR is a nearly invisible home gym that seamlessly blends into your home. With its sleek design, it functions as a full-body mirror that doubles as modern furniture when not in use.

MIRROR ($1,495)

It uses advanced camera technology to deliver in-workout adjustments based on your capabilities, to optimise your workout every single time. It also provides expert instruction to keep you motivated throughout and provide live feedback on your workout, and lets you sweat to the playlist of your choice. What's more, MIRROR lets you connect with friends and family for a workout together and tracks your progress like a personal trainer.

5. Peloton ($1,895)

If you thrive on the competition and camaraderie of studio cycling classes and are intrigued by the idea of replicating that experience at home, a Peloton Bike could be for you.

Peloton ($1,895)

The Peloton Bike is a high-end indoor bicycle that streams live and on-demand classes with high-energy instructors that will inspire you to do the work. The classes vary in difficulty, music choice, and style (think tabata, power zone intervals, hill climbs, or easy rides), so you can select one based on how you’re feeling or remotely join a live-streaming class. The software displays your resistance, cadence, and wattage to keep you in sync with the instructor as well as keeps track of your mileage and ride achievements so you can track your progress over time.

Whether it's a simple skipping rope or a full blown smart gym in your living room, these gadgets will help you achieve all your fitness goals this summer. Ready, set, go!

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