Top bluetooth headset for working at home

Updated: May 22, 2020

Working at home is excellent for those who enjoy mixing a relaxing atmosphere with productivity. Working from home requires discipline above all else, and good discipline can be made more accessible with comfort and practicality.

Top bluetooth headset for working at home

Conferences or video meetings from home can take up the entire day; quality connections are not always available, so you need a headset to cancel the surrounding noise, allowing you to focus on the task at hand—what better way to do that than a Bluetooth headset, and one designed for working. While there are plenty of headsets with microphones that can be used, like gaming headsets, for example, the design and colours available may not look professional enough on a video call or conference. A Bluetooth earpiece can do that trick, but they are not well designed for prolonged use and need constant adjustment. Bluetooth earpieces are also not the most comfortable option and almost always feel like they are about to come off. Have a look at three great options we recommend you consider, to take your work from home video conferencing, and call needs to an entirely new level.

Top bluetooth headset for working at home

1. YAMAY M9A Bluetooth Headset

Cheap and multi-functional Bluetooth headset

At a price tag of around twenty dollars, it makes it difficult to ignore. If you are working on a budget, this is the perfect solution. This Bluetooth headset can pair with two mobile phones or another type of devices at the same time. And a charging station at such a low price provides convenience, and it still makes us think how it works. Do take note, this headset is the product of a new company named Yamay based in Shenzhen China. While we are confident in the product working as promised, Yamay has indicated on their website about connectivity issues that can resolve as long as the battery levels are proper. With the base charging station, this may not necessarily be a bad thing, unless you are planning on having a call close to the 12-hour usage limit. As an option for working at home, this headset is fantastic if you are looking to spend. However, if you are looking for a more reliable headset, the next one on our list might be better suited for your needs.

Top bluetooth headset for working at home

2. BlueParrott B450 XT headset for home working

A Bluetooth headset not just made for truckers

The BlueParrott B450 XT headset was made for truckers, just being honest. But this does not mean it is just for truckers, but reading in between the lines we can see how its design would make a perfect headset for working at home. Designed to cancel surrounding noise and vibrations is very useful in trying to work in a noisy household surrounding. Made to stay on your head and for an extended period makes this headset perfect when you are faced with back to back meetings and video calls. Customizable buttons are another fantastic feature of the BlueParrott Bluetooth headset. The BlueParrott also considers convenience when charging, all you need is a USB cable with a USB-C on one side, and this means you can leave this headset connected to your computer and charging while not in use. Not as high as a charging base station or port, but this makes charging versatile and possible even on the go with a portable charging battery. End of the day, the BlueParrott is a premium option, with a battery that lasts for up to twenty-four hours and designed for durability, as a permanent work from home headset solution, we highly recommend it.

Top bluetooth headset for working at home

3. Jabra Wave Bluetooth headset

Low profile Bluetooth Headset for work

As impressive as the first two options are, you need something that looks more professional without compromising the functionality of a Bluetooth headset. You don't feel comfortable wearing something bulky; you are a minimalist. A unique mix of earpiece and headset; this Jabra Wave's sleek design makes it compact and versatile. Light enough to feel no different than an earpiece, yet designed to secure around your ear, setting its position firmly on your ear without worrying if your headset might come off. Hard to notice when on a video call, especially if you have long hair. Unlike the BlueParrott headset, the Jabra Wave pricing is between fifty to hundred dollar range. And just like the Yamay, this Bluetooth headset is also able to pair with two separate devices at the same time. So among the three options here, it is a great mid-range option with a little bit of both worlds. With a great tool, you are almost certain to improve your productivity. The ability to communicate is crucial, especially when you do not have the convenience of being in the same room as everyone else. Hopefully, this top three has helped you determine a perfect Bluetooth headset solution for your work at home needs. Thank you for reading and have a beautiful day ahead!

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