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Top 5 Gadgets to Have in Your Office

Updated: May 14, 2020

Have you got a PC, some monitors, perhaps a printer? Sometimes the bare minimum doesn't suffice nowadays, here's the guide to upgrading your office gadgets- Technology Style!

Top 5 Gadgets to Have in Your Office

Google Home Mini

Top 5 Gadgets to Have in Your Office

Now, when I think of an office with a great atmosphere, I think of workers buzzed up to the sound of classic or modern music, probably a good rock style playlist! The best way to enable free music streaming is to invest in a Google Home Mini. Now ignore the word home in the device's title, as it is really suitable for anywhere - This handy little device is voice-automated, and includes great features such as:

  • Creating Reminders

  • High-Quality Streaming of Music through apps like Spotify, Amazon Music etc.

  • Make Hands-Free Calls

  • Answer Queries and Questions related to just about anything!

It's almost like a personal assistant, without the added wages and the expenses. It is really easy to set up too, with only an internet connection and a power socket required, simply connect your dedicated google account to the device upon setup, respond to the Google Home Mini's instructions, and you're all set.

The device retails on the Google store for S$79.00, sometimes you may be able to get it for as low as S$59.00 when there are promotions on Google's store.

Top 5 Gadgets to Have in Your Office

Kavalan 7-Port USB Charging Station

Top 5 Gadgets to Have in Your Office

Depending on whether you allow your staff to use mobile phones in the office, this Kalavan 7-Port USB Charging Station is perfect for having on-hand in your office!

With 7 dedicated ports, as well as 2 ports with fast charging capabilities, this is a great alternative compared to using power sockets and extension cables etc. It doesn't include charging cables, unfortunately, however, most mobile users generally have their own USB cables to hand anyway.

The charging station is fully surge protected and retails at only S$58.00 on Amazon, a great alternative to bending down to reach your plug sockets in the office.

Top 5 Gadgets to Have in Your Office

Canon DR-MR260 Feeder Scanner

Top 5 Gadgets to Have in Your Office

Does your business have a high load of documents that require scanning? Well, it's probably wise to invest in a feeder scanner. Most businesses will use their built-in printer scanners, which require you to scan pages individually and then swap them out to set up the next page to scan, every time.

ThisCanon DR-MR260 Feeder Scanner can hold up to a feed of 80 pages to scan autonomously, simply locate either the Windows Fax & Scan if you're using a Windows PC (Start ---> Search ----->Type in Windows Fax & Scan), or by heading to System Preferences --->Printers & Scanners, if you're working from a mac. Ensure to tick the "document feed" option when you are ready to scan your sheets. From there, the scanner will automatically save every individual page scan into your scanned documents folder, that's light work!

It isn't the cheapest device you will buy, retailing on Amazon for around S$1100.00, however, this feeder scanner will produce up to, and with a good enough PC, in excess of 60 individual scans per minute.

Top 5 Gadgets to Have in Your Office

TP-Link Archer C2300 WiFi Router

Top 5 Gadgets to Have in Your Office

As probably the most important device for any busy office, a high-quality router is a must and no business that has serious work to do can really settle for a router that can't handle multiple devices spanned out over several metres of office space. The TP-Link Archer C2300 Router can either be wired or wireless and includes impressive features, such as:

  • Up to 950Mbps of data - Meaning as many as 100 Users can simultaneously be connected to this router, without lag

  • Anti-Virus Protection already built into the router

  • Comes with 2 years' warranty

  • Can work just as strong through walls, ceilings, doors etc

  • 512MB of RAM

  • 4K Video Streaming and Gaming without delay

The TP-Link Archer C2300 WiFi Router currently sells for around S$200, which is impeccable value, considering many higher-priced routers will struggle to match the specs on this great value router, the Archer 2300 is perfect for offices small and large - Just remember to place it in the optimum location to get balanced speeds across all of your employee's PCs and Mobiles etc. This is usually as close as to the middle of the room you can get, as, after all, this router can be wired or wireless.

Top 5 Gadgets to Have in Your Office

Plantronics Explorer 500 Bluetooth Headset

Top 5 Gadgets to Have in Your Office

Whether you make calls via your mobile or through a desk phone, this small and lightweight earpiece headset is great to use while making and receiving calls around the office. It is a quick setup, mobile users can simply select the Bluetooth device that corresponds to the headset via their Bluetooth settings, and desk phone users can connect any suitable USB dongle to their phone or PC, this will also allow multiple users of the Plantronics Explorer 500 to work simultaneously across different desk phones in the office, and make calls using the device.

It is an extremely lightweight product, only 7 grams in all, with a respectable 7 hours talk time. The headset can also be fully recharged via USB within 2 hours.

Currently, it is available on sites like Amazon and headphones.sg for around S$70. A great addition for any employee or director that works in or around the office.

Some other suggestions/ideas for technology gadgets in the office include:

  • Portable Printers

  • Office Mobile Phone

  • Mobile Scanner

  • HDMI Splitters

  • Large Storage USB Flashdrive

  • Portable or Bluetooth Speakers

  • Portable Keyboards and Mouses for you and your employees

When you are looking for great additions to your office, you have to consider products that you think will help your general efficiency, as well as easing stress and making you happier around the office. From headsets to printers, to Scanners and chargers alike, it is very important to keep your office convenient, as it will not only help your staff, but it will make your life as a director or business owner a whole lot easier!

Thank you for reading 'Top 5 Gadgets to Have in Your Office' and have a beautiful day.

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