Top 3 most professional-looking wireless presenter

You have your most professional outfit on, a sleek laptop and an excellent presentation lined up for your client. Please don't ruin it with a cheap-looking wireless presenter.

Top 3 most professional-looking wireless presenter
Top 3 most professional-looking wireless presenter

What does it take to win a pitch meeting these days? What if the competition has better graphics on their presentation or a presenter with a mesmerizing voice?

Many of us are familiar with a wireless presenter. We use them to transition from one presentation slide to the next. Just using one during a pitch meeting already invokes a level of professionalism to your clients, like you have been doing this a long time. Maybe a sleek and professional-looking wireless presenter would convey more of your confidence to them. A cheap-looking presenter would not match your professional outfit, which is why we have narrowed down three wireless presenters for your consideration.

Targus wireless presenter Top 3 most professional-looking wireless presenter
Targus wireless presenter

3. Targus Wireless USB Multimedia Presentation Remote

Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, this sleek looking wireless presenter look like you mean business. Here are some features we think you will love on this device:

  • Multimedia buttons for video playback control

  • Laser pointer built-in

  • Ergonomic design for prolonged usage

  • Simple layout for easy control in low-light environments

  • Keylock feature to prevent accidental clicks

Targus is a well-known computer accessories brand which prides in producing devices that not only work well but designed beautifully. The sleek curve design with gloss black finishing makes this our number three choice for the most professional wireless presenter.

Dinofire Top 3 most professional-looking wireless presenter
DinoFire wireless presenter

2. DinoFire Wireless Presenter

About the size of a pen, this magnificently designed wireless presenter can easily fit inside your shirt pocket without appearing too bulky. Here are some of its features:

  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS

  • Supports Microsoft Office, iWork and Google slides.

  • Bright red laser pointer built-in

  • Low power indicator

DinoFire might not be a household name, unlike the other two brands on this list, but we could not ignore how well-designed this wireless presenter is. It promotes a sense of style that we feel is highly professional and well suited to a business presentation or pitch meeting. It will let your client know one thing; you mean business.

Top 3 most professional-looking wireless presenter logitech spotlight number one
Spotlight presentation remote by Logitech

1. Spotlight presentation remote by Logitech

This Apple TV lookalike remote is not just a sleek and sexy design; jammed packed with enormous amounts of useful features:

  • Only three buttons control a variety of functions

  • Is compatible with any OS and software

  • Option to use the USB receiver or connect directly via Bluetooth without it.

  • No laser pointer, instead it has a more advanced pointer system

  • You can customize the controls

  • On screen-timer on your laptop using the Spotlight app

  • Available in gold!

Just like how the first smartphone made the competition seem redundant, the Spotlight presentation remote by Logitech has done just that. It is also the official wireless presenter for TED talks. What this presenter device gives you is an edge over traditional pointers. Say you have a fixed amount of time to present on each slide, you can program the app to indicate how much time you have left on each slide, allowing you to have better control of your presentation.

Top 3 most professional-looking wireless presenter
Top 3 most professional-looking wireless presenter

Logitech has even replaced the laser pointer with something unique, the Spotlight app you have installed on your laptop allows your pointer to focus on an area of the screen when you click on the top pointer button. You can choose how the focus would look like, say you want to blur the rest of the screen or magnify a particular part when you point towards it, you can customize this completely. As we said at the start of this top 3, it is all about looking professional over the competition. From looks to functionality, the Spotlight wireless presenter is IT Block's number one choice.

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