Top 3 cloud security brokers for SMEs

In the world of cloud adoption, there comes a point in time for any small or medium sized business when they must prioritise security more. Cloud-based applications and data sharing/storage are an integral part of making things run like clockwork - But they come with risks.

To mitigate the security risks associated with running a business via cloud applications, it is wise to invest in a cloud access security broker (CASB), let's discuss the top 3 CASB vendors available to small or medium sized businesses in 2020:

Vendor number 1: Forcepoint

Headquartered in Texas, USA, Forcepoint offer cloud security software that works with pretty much any cloud based application. Some of their main partner integrations include Slack, Office 365 and They are perhaps one of the only vendors for cloud security that offer the MSSP (Managed security service provider) partner program across their website and through their business model.

Their main features include the following:

  • Data classification

  • Cloud application discovery tools

  • Risk scoring for cloud applications based on security protocol and data safety

  • Integration with third-party cloud-based solutions

  • Data loss prevention

If your organisation is growing fast, and you need an industry leading cloud security broker, Forcepoint could be a great option, as it is one of the most advanced, and also one of the most scalable services in this market.

Vendor number 2: McAfee MVISION Cloud

Named as Gartner's customer's choice recommended CASB vendor, McAfee's MVISION cloud service encapsulates all of the main needs with regards to cloud security. McAfee has always been a main player in internet security, and their cloud governing abilities are unsurprisingly second-to-none.

Their CASB service is suited for all sizes of business, especially SMEs who are looking for a user-friendly way to protect their data running in cloud applications.

MVISION's features include:

  • Unified policy engine

  • Cloud registry - With a 261-point risk assessment system

  • User behavior analytics, so you can monitor individual cases of shadow IT

  • Multi-Instance protection

MVISION is a safe bet for any SME looking to sharpen up their cloud security, it's a trusted brand with years worth of experience in security for PC in general, so you really can't go wrong!

Vendor number 3: Microsoft Cloud App Security

As we know, Microsoft are already a provider of the operating system Windows, as well as the developer of the popular Microsoft Edge web browser. Their cloud security broker vendor service is just as good. Offering seamless integration with their full cloud-based packaged services, such as Azure, Office 365, Teams and WVD (Windows virtual desktop). If you use Microsoft branded cloud services, this will dramatically enhance your organisation's cloud security.

Features include:

  • Sanctioning and unsanctioning of over 16,000 different cloud applications

  • API powered app connection - So your cloud services can work together as one, to keep you secure

  • Conditional access app control protection

  • Cloud discovery using traffic logs

As expected, Microsoft's cloud security service is one of the best in the industry, and probably the best for app integration, as a lot of cloud applications partner with Microsoft to deliver collaborative tools. We'd definitely recommend it if you need a simplified, yet scalable solution that is going to make integration easy for your current services.

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