Top 3 Cameras For 2021

Vlogging and photography are undoubtedly two of the most popular types of hobbies shared across the world. To vlog or take photographs successfully, however, you're going to need a decent enough camera, here's the best cameras for vlogging and photography on the market in 2020:

Top 3 Cameras For 2020
Top 3 Cameras For 2020

1. Best Affordable Camera 2020 - GoPro Hero 5

Top 3 Cameras For 2020

You have probably seen this one around, the GoPro Hero 5 is an excellent and affordable vlogging camera with a fish eye style lens, as well as giving you up to 4K/30 fps quality. This compact camera will set you back a reasonable S$300.00, however, don't let this price deter you - It is well worth its modest price tag.

Perfect for action shots and wide angle footage - The GoPro Hero 5 is great for filming holiday videos, as well as up in your face advertisements, should you need HD footage to bring your company's brand to life.

Overall Score: 8 stars out of 10

Top 3 Cameras For 2020
Top 3 Cameras For 2020

2. Best DSLR Camera 2020 - Canon EOS 90D

Top 3 Cameras For 2020

Why do DSLR cameras still exist? Well, it's because the quality they possess is on another level!

The Canon EOS 90D is no exception, although, it isn't cheap by no means - Selling for around S$1,800.00 - S$2,000.00. You're going to get 32.5 megapixels, which is on the same level as some professional action shot cameras used in the photography industry.

With a power 8 image DIGIC processor ranging from 100 - 25000 ISO, which expands up to 51200, you can take the perfect shot in any kind of light setting, whether it is under the summer sun, or in the middle of the night in pitch black.

Don't think that vlogging is anything short of excellent on this beauty either - With 4K and 30 fps quality, along with some of the world's best EOS face detection technology, you will always get the highest quality clips, whether you're on your travels, or just documenting for your vlog.

Overall Score: 8.5 stars out of 10

Top 3 Cameras For 2020
Top 3 Cameras For 2020

3. Best Camera Overall 2020 - Canon G7 X Mark III

Top 3 Cameras For 2020

If there was a word for vlogging perfection, G7 X would have to be included in it - The Canon G7 X Mark III is our pick of the best camera in general for 2020. It is probably the most popular vlogging camera used by popular YouTube content creators, and it is well worth the S$1,100 price tag.

You can, as expected, attain 4K video - But with up to 120 fps! With that frame rate you can shoot any video, and turn it into the perfect slow motion edit. The camera is 20.1 megapixels, which is perfect for any smaller handheld digital camera.

Shooting in low light is not a problem, as the light sensor is packed with world-leading EOS technology. What is perhaps the standout feature, is the HD preview screen, which can be rotated either way to see what you are filming. All of your content will be mic'ed up with the G7 X's outstanding, built-in, high quality microphone, which can be live streamed or uploaded straight to sites like YouTube in the click of a button.

The possibilities are endless with this camera, want to take some nature shots? - G7 X. Want to document your travels in film quality? Choose this camera, you probably won't regret it!

Overall Score: 9.5 stars out of 10

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