Top 10 Mobility Scooters in Singapore

When your mobility is impaired, it is easy to feel like you are missing out on life. Not being able to follow your grandchildren to the park or travel with your friends on vacation can be extremely frustrating. Thankfully, mobility scooters provide the help you need to keep up and enjoy life to the fullest. With the right mobility scooter, you can navigate indoor and outdoor spaces with ease, despite any disabilities or mobility limitations. Keep reading to learn about the top 10 mobility scooters in Singapore.

Top 10 Mobility Scooters in Singapore | IT Block
Autour 4 : Top 10 Mobility Scooters in Singapore

1. AUTOUR 4 Mobility Scooter

If you are searching for the most advanced mobility scooter, the AUTOUR 4 Wheels Mobility Scooter is your answer. Sleek and comfortable, this foldable scooter has it all. You do not have to worry about missing out on life, indoors or outdoors, because the AUTOUR can handle smooth and uneven surfaces with ease, including the beach or backyard!

The tight turn radius of the AUTOUR makes it easy to maneuver, even in tight spaces. Take your AUTOUR on your next shopping trip and utilize the convenient shopping basket under the seat. Travel on the subway or bus with ease, or easily store your AUTOUR in the trunk of your car. In just 15 seconds, this mobility scoot disassembles into four parts that fit into a small car without any issues. Assembly takes just another 15 seconds.

Top Features of the AUTOUR 4 Mobility Scooter

● Able to do a 360-degree turn

● Retractable arms

● Quick assembly/disassembly

● Can reach 20km with one charge

● Fluid driving experience

● Advanced braking system

Purchase the AUTOUR 4 Wheels Electric Wheelchair.

Top 10 Mobility Scooters in Singapore | IT Block
Flexi Auto 4 : Top 10 Mobility Scooters in Singapore

2. FLEXI AUTO 4 Wheels Mobility Scooter

Automatic folding and unfolding make this scooter the epitome of convenience. The FLEXI AUTO 4 wheels mobility scooter is extremely portable, thanks to the automatic folding feature that requires just the touch of a button. You can easily travel with this scooter thanks to the portability features.

The FLEXI AUTO scooter also provides the safety features you need to feel comfortable and confident when riding. Intelligent braking and anti-tip features ensure you stay seated, and 8” explosion-proof tires prevent dangerous blowouts. The FLEXI AUTO is known for its reliability and is perfect for domestic or overseas travel.

Top Features of the FLEXI AUTO 4 Wheels Mobility Scooter

● Automatic folding and unfolding for incredible portability

● High-quality 24V10AH lithium battery

● Can reach 15-20km with a single charge

● Travels at a maximum 6km/hour

● Intelligent braking

● Anti-tip features

● 8” explosion-proof tires

● Ideal for over