Top 10 IT Support Tools for 2020

Help desk software is not just for customer service managers. If you do not have the budget for a robust and comprehensive help desk tool, there are many free and inexpensive options available for your IT team. You and your agents can better support the needs of your clients and increase your bandwidth, without having to hire new employees. Keep reading for the top 10 IT support tools for 2020.

1. Zoho Desk IT support tool

Zoho Desk combines the powerful AI capabilities, self-service functionality, and tools you need to deliver on customer service. The ticket management features are impressive, directly assigning tickets and taking the task off of managers’ plates. With less manual work required, managers and team members can focus on better serving the client.

The daily dashboard feature of Zoho desk provides a one-stop command center for tickets and traffic data. Your team can quickly view unassigned tickets and carry out actions such as loading tickets or replaying to inquiries directly from the dashboard. Pair the convenience of Zoho Desk with the powerful reporting available from the IT support tool, and your team is unstoppable.

Why is Zoho Desk a great IT support tool for 2020?

This help desk tool is cloud-based and easy to use. Don’t let the free version of the tool fool you into thinking you are getting less. You can utilize the ticket and agent tracking functions, email ticketing, and reporting features without having to pay. If you need advanced features, affordable paid plans are available.

Pros of Zoho Desk

· Automated ticketing

· Create a custom knowledge base website

· Standard integrations connect to existing applications

· Easy setup process

Cons of Zoho Desk

· Some users experience a learning curve

· Configuration and customization is time-consuming

2. Deskero IT support tool

Small businesses are in love with Deskero, and it is no wonder. This IT support tool features everything your team needs to capture customer complaints, respond to tickets, and track customer data. The helpdesk software is built around engaging customers in a way that feels personal, instead of robotic, while also delivering a reliable ticket system. Social monitoring is a unique feature of Deskero that enables companies to track their social conversations and monitor when their brand is involved.

Single users can sign up for free with the Start plan and enjoy features like email ticketing and a knowledge-base. You can even add your custom branding and incorporate logos and brand colors into the interface on the free plan. If you have multiple users, you can upgrade by paying $4 per agent or accessing higher tiers for more advanced features.

Why is Deskero a great IT support tool for 2020?

Affordability, convenience, and reliability – this IT support tool checks all of the boxes. Monitoring social conversations is one function that often goes unnoticed or underappreciated until it is too late. Keeping an eye on conversations surrounding your brand and your customer support can help you provide a better client experience every day.

Pros of Deskero

· Social media ticketing

· Custom ticket fields

· Robust free plan

· Multi-channel communication features

Cons of Deskero

· No document storage capabilities

· Limited reporting features

· Mobile app is not user-friendly

3. SolarWinds Web Help Desk IT support tool

SolarWinds is known for its comprehensive tools that look and feel professional. The help desk tool from SolarWinds is an excellent IT support tool because it provides a robust ticket management system. Your staff will have all of the tools and functionality they need to track and manage tickets within a system that is intuitive and slick. Improve customer satisfaction by creating workflows, adapting as needed, and reviewing comprehensive data.

With SolarWinds Web Help Desk, you can even provide more insights for your clients. Customers can access certain data views and review reports on your performance. This feature ensures you are meeting the terms of your service contract and keeping your customers happy. The automation capabilities of this IT support tool are also impressive, helping free up your team to focus on more important tasks.

Why is SolarWinds Web Help Desk Free Edition a great IT support tool for 2020?

Learn the ropes and ensure this IT tool works for your team without having to commit to payments. The SolarWinds Web Help Desk free edition provides the features and functionality you need to determine whether or not this software is right for you. If you are satisfied, you can unlock more advanced features with the paid tool.

Pros of SolarWinds Web Help Desk Free Edition

· Free!

· Integration with other SolarWinds products

· Network asset discovery features

· Email to ticket conversion

· Case scripts and a knowledge base

Cons of SolarWinds Web Help Desk Free Edition

· Limited functionality with the free tier

· Dated interface

· Difficult to use on a mobile device

4. Freshservice IT support tool

This cloud-based platform is one of the tops of IT support tools in terms of security. For IT services, secure and safe practices are a necessity, and Freshservice has you covered. The platform is protected by encryption and all storage related to an account is accessed only through credentials. The extra security procedures used by Freshservice provide peace of mind to IT managers, even though their data is housed by an external company. In fact, Freshservice’s technicians cannot access your private data.

The features offered by Freshservice are what you would expect from a help desk platform. The self-service portal and searchable knowledgebase provide the information your customer needs to be successful, and support tickets and web forms help you address custom concerns in a timely manner. Prioritizing tickets and tasks is a breeze, and the automation features help improve your time management and team efficiency.

Why is Freshservice a great IT support tool for 2020?

IT managers may have concerns when it comes to hosting data and services on an external platform. While many of the IT support tools available in 2020 are cloud-based, Freshservice goes the extra mile in terms of protection and security. You can trust that your data and your customers’ sensitive information is secure when using this help desk.

Pros of Freshservice

· Enhanced security and encryption features

· Automation capabilities

· Clean interface and layout

· Customization options

· Mobile app functionality

Cons of Freshservice

· Limited integration possibilities

· Few features released each year

5. ConnectWise Control IT support tool

Small and midsize IT businesses can benefit greatly from ConnectWise Control, a help desk solution that can be deployed on-premise or on the cloud. With ConnectWise Control, the connection is key. Agents are able to connect with customers easily in order to quickly resolve issues or answer problems. The remote functionality enables you and your team to support your customers from anywhere at any time.

Resolving issues in a timely manner is key to customer satisfaction and retention. ConnectWise Control is an IT tool that helps you deliver on your promises to clients. Connecting to customer devices is easy with this lightweight tool that is also easy to load. For small businesses with limited resources, ConnectWise Control can help improve the efficiency and capacity of your team.

Why is ConnectWise Control a great IT support tool for 2020?

Solving problems is a lot easier when you can utilize remote control. This functionality helps ConnectWise Control stand apart by enabling your IT team to resolve issues and answer questions much faster than other platforms. The free version enables up to three agents to connect with one customer at a time. If you need more bandwidth, you can choose from four affordable tiered plans.

Pros of ConnectWise Control

· Lightweight tool

· Easy to load

· Connect to customer devices quickly with remote control

Cons of ConnectWise Control

· Limited mobile app

· Outdated interface

· Difficulties connecting with Internet Explorer

6. Atera IT support tool

Atera offers two key features that can help your IT help desk flourish. The remote monitoring and management (RMM) module enable your team to track remote equipment and access the equipment to run software updates or provide fault resolution. The professional services automation (PSA) module puts the IT manager in the driver’s seat, providing team management features and tracking functionality for service level agreement goals. With these features, you can ensure quick resolutions and accurate billing for your customers.

A unique feature for Atera is customer relationship management functionality. These screens provide robust information on your customers, so they are easy to track through the ticketing system. With more knowledge, your team can provide better resolutions in a timely manner.

Why is Atera a great IT support tool for 2020?

Solving problems is a lot easier when you can utilize remote control. This functionality helps ConnectWise Control stand apart by enabling your IT team to resolve issues and answer questions much faster than other platforms. The free version enables up to three agents to connect with one customer at a time. If you need more bandwidth, you can choose from four affordable tiered plans.

Pros of Atera

· Complementary knowledge base

· Service times and goals are logged by the PSA module

· Automated billing functionality

Cons of Atera

· Limited integrations

· Weak reporting features

· Potentially slow connection

Top 10 IT Support Tools for 2020 | IT Block Singapore it services it solutions
Freshdesk IT Support tool

7. Freshdesk IT support tool

IT teams of any size can benefit from the features and functionality provided by Freshdesk. This cloud-based IT support tool offers a robust free version with features like email and social media ticketing, reporting, and a knowledgebase. With ticket trend reporting, your team can easily track the status of their tickets, including open and closed tickets in real-time. Also, the multi-channel capabilities ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Support your customers where they are, whether that is via web chat, email, social media, or the phone. With access to so many channels, resolving issues and answering questions is simple. Automated workflows increase the capacity of your team, and self-service options free up your agents to focus on important tasks.

Why is Freshdesk a great IT support tool for 2020?

Freshdesk takes its free tier to a whole new level. With their Sprout plan, you can have unlimited agents supporting your clients. Features included in the free tier include the ticketing and reporting features you need to successfully manage inquiries and respond to tickets. For more advanced features, there are four other plans to choose from.

Pros of Freshdesk

· Robust free tier

· Easy-to-use interface

· Useful knowledgebase management features

Cons of Freshdesk

· Social media ticketing is limited to Facebook and Twitter

· Limited customization options for reporting

· Ineffective at flagging spam messages

8. Zendesk Suite IT support tool

Zendesk is used by countless websites around the world due to its ticket management system and live chat functionality. For IT support teams, Zendesk is a comprehensive solution that centralizes features like web forms, chat, and email in one console. With the Zendesk Suite, your team will only need to log into one system in order to access all relevant data and functionality for resolving tickets and supporting clients.

The cloud-based tool enables your team to access Zendesk from any device at any time. Creating user manuals and a knowledge base can help free up your team to handle bigger or more important tasks, and a troubleshooting guide can provide your agents the information they need to handle inquiries or resolve issues.

Why is Zendesk Suite a great IT support tool for 2020?

The Zendesk Suite has it all. You would be hard-pressed to find a feature or tool not included with this platform, so you know your IT support team is getting all of the functionality you need to successfully support your clients. In-depth reporting, goal setting, and workflow processes provide the oversight IT managers need to ensure that all tickets are resolved efficiently and effectively to keep customers happy.

Pros of Zendesk Suite

· Scalable pricing model

· Comprehensive reporting

· Custom goal-setting features

· Widely-used platform with a large customer base

Cons of Zendesk Suite

· IT teams may not need all of the available features

· Can get costly based on needs and team size

· Long learning curve

9. SysAid IT support tool

If you are looking for a stable and reliable IT support tool for 2020, SysAid has your answer. The free version of this software allows you to link two agents that support up to 100 end users. Agents can easily track IT assets and devices, quickly find what they are looking for, and manage tickets effectively. The three paid plan options support additional agents and end-users and provide more advanced features.

SysAid is available for cloud-based deployment and on-premise deployment. It is also supported on both Windows and Linux servers. The ticket management system provides the features you need to support your clients, including incident management. Workflow automation and the knowledgebase help you better serve customers in a timely manner, and the reporting functionality keeps you in the know at all times.

Why is SysAid a great IT support tool for 2020?

For IT teams and managers that prefer tried and true over flash and unnecessary features, SysAid is a great option. This IT support tool provides the features you need without overwhelming your team with functionality and tools that go unused. The free version of SysAid is enough to help you get a feel for the software and determine whether or not it will work for your business before committing to a paid plan.

Pros of SysAid

· Robust free tier

· Helpful reporting functionality

· Customizable ticketing

Cons of SysAid

· Outdated user interface

· Difficult setup and workflow configuration

10. ManageEngine Service Desk Plus IT support tool

Zoho, the makers of Zoho Desk, also owns ManageEngine. Service Desk Plus from ManageEngine is a top-tier help desk platform. Available on the cloud and on-premise, this platform is supported on Windows or Linux. There is not a free version of this tool available, but there are three service levels to choose from. IT help desks will find most of the features they need available with the Standard option, which is also the cheapest tier available.

ManageEngine enables ticketing through email, web form, or phone. Tickets can be automatically assigned and further automation free up your agents to perform more complex tasks. As with most IT support tools, the self-service portal and knowledgebase provide support for your customers without taking up the time of your agents.

Why is ManageEngine Service Desk Plus a great IT support tool for 2020?

Small and midsize businesses will find the powerful features they need to be combined with ease of use when it comes to Service Desk Plus from ManageEngine. With both help desk and asset management features, this software offers the features your team needs to support clients effectively. Increase your capacity and bandwidth without hiring new employees, thanks to Service Desk Plus.

Pros of ManageEngine Service Desk Plus

· Lightweight and responsive tool

· Impressive knowledgebase capabilities

· Unlimited automation and integration options

Cons of ManageEngine Service Desk Plus

· Limited user interface

· Steep learning curve, not intuitive to use

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