Top 10 IT Support Tools for 2020

Help desk software is not just for customer service managers. If you do not have the budget for a robust and comprehensive help desk tool, there are many free and inexpensive options available for your IT team. You and your agents can better support the needs of your clients and increase your bandwidth, without having to hire new employees. Keep reading for the top 10 IT support tools for 2020.

1. Zoho Desk IT support tool

Zoho Desk combines the powerful AI capabilities, self-service functionality, and tools you need to deliver on customer service. The ticket management features are impressive, directly assigning tickets and taking the task off of managers’ plates. With less manual work required, managers and team members can focus on better serving the client.

The daily dashboard feature of Zoho desk provides a one-stop command center for tickets and traffic data. Your team can quickly view unassigned tickets and carry out actions such as loading tickets or replaying to inquiries directly from the dashboard. Pair the convenience of Zoho Desk with the powerful reporting available from the IT support tool, and your team is unstoppable.

Why is Zoho Desk a great IT support tool for 2020?

This help desk tool is cloud-based and easy to use. Don’t let the free version of the tool fool you into thinking you are getting less. You can utilize the ticket and agent tracking functions, email ticketing, and reporting features without having to pay. If you need advanced features, affordable paid plans are available.

Pros of Zoho Desk

· Automated ticketing

· Create a custom knowledge base website

· Standard integrations connect to existing applications

· Easy setup process

Cons of Zoho Desk

· Some users experience a learning curve

· Configuration and customization is time-consuming

2. Deskero IT support tool

Small businesses are in love with Deskero, and it is no wonder. This IT support tool features everything your team needs to capture customer complaints, respond to tickets, and track customer data. The helpdesk software is built around engaging customers in a way that feels personal, instead of robotic, while also delivering a reliable ticket system. Social monitoring is a unique feature of Deskero that enables companies to track their social conversations and monitor when their brand is involved.

Single users can sign up for free with the Start plan and enjoy features like email ticketing and a knowledge-base. You can even add your custom branding and incorporate logos and brand colors into the interface on the free plan. If you have multiple users, you can upgrade by paying $4 per agent or accessing higher tiers for more advanced features.

Why is Deskero a great IT support tool for 2020?

Affordability, convenience, and reliability – this IT support tool checks all of the boxes. Monitoring social conversations is one function that often goes unnoticed or underappreciated until it is too late. Keeping an eye on conversations surrounding your brand and your customer support can help you provide a better client experience every day.

Pros of Deskero

· Social media ticketing

· Custom ticket fields

· Robust free plan