Top 3 fastest Ethernet LAN cable for PC gaming

Without the fastest Ethernet cable for your PC gaming experience, all that money spent on the best equipment would be for nothing.

Top 3 fastest Ethernet LAN cable for PC gaming
Top 3 fastest Ethernet LAN cable for PC gaming

If you are still using a CAT5 or CAT5E cable while gaming, this article is especially for you. As you can guess from the title, we are here to discuss really fast Ethernet LAN cables for PC gaming, so it is safe to assume we will discuss CAT6 or CAT7 cables right? Wrong. We are going to look at the best of the best CAT8 cable there is. Many would argue that procuring a cable that transmit rate between 25Gbps tp 40Gbps and a bandwidth transmission of 2000MHz is overkill. But this is the PC gaming world. Speed limits do not stop the rich from buying supercars, so why should such benign specifics stop you from purchasing the fastest Ethernet cable the world has to offer.

Do note, there are many CAT8 cables on the market, but on this list, we only showcase brands which are verifiable. Which means we avoid any chances or cheap quality Ethernet cables. Let's begin.


Top 3 fastest Ethernet LAN cable for PC gaming

Valore is a brand based in Singapore, a subsidiary company of a famous electronics retailer named Challenger. With the reputation of their company at stake and with proper intellectual property and consumer protection rights in Singapore, we can safely assume the product is as advertised.

Features of this Ethernet cable include:

  • Double-shielded to prevent communication errors

  • 24k gold-plated connectors

  • 25Gbps to 40Gbps data rate range

  • 2000Mhz bandwidth.

  • Backward compatible to Cat7/6/5/5e

We suspect this product might be an OEM from China. But the SIngapore based conmpany should ensure that this Ethernet CAT8 cable really is CAT8, as opposed to purchasing some nameless brand online that claims to be CAT8 but is probably a CAT6 or worse. This number three spot we really wanted to give to a company named Leviton, a US based manufacturer that specializes in such cables. But we cannot seem to find any way to purchase their fantastic cables online. Herego, the spot went to the next best contender on our list, Valore.

As we mentioned before, this list is not just about fancy looking cables available on Amazon. We are trying to include brands where we can easily verify the company and where it is based out of. Now let's move on to number two on our list of fastest Ethernet LAN cable for PC gaming shall we?

Top 3 fastest Ethernet LAN cable for PC gaming
Top 3 fastest Ethernet LAN cable for PC gaming

Number 2: SANWA CAT8 cable

Top 3 fastest Ethernet LAN cable for PC gaming

The SANWA brand started out at 1923 by Yoshio Yamada. Renamed Sanwa Supply in 1979, they have specialized in computer parts and accessories ever since and till this day are still based out of Japan.

One thing we know about the Japanese, they do not overpromise, they deliver as promised. Which is why we are confident in SANWA Supply's CAT8 Ethernet cable for PC gaming. With high quality control standards in Japan, you can be rest assured this cable is all about quality and reliability. Features are similar to that of the Valore cable, so we won't repeat it.

Japan has a fantastic PC gaming culture as well, and maybe there are many great players out there because they have the best tools in the market. So it would not hurt to try out this fantastic cable, and at the very least be assured any PC gaming connectivity issues are not from your high quality Ethernet CAT8 LAN cable. Up next is the Number one on our 'fastest Ethernet LAN cable for PC gaming' list.

Number 1: ELECOM CAT8 LAN cable

Top 3 fastest Ethernet LAN cable for PC gaming

Founded in 1986, Elecom is now the largest supplier of peripherals, I/O devices, and PC accessories,such as mouse pads, mice, and keyboards in Japan. Their numerous awards and accolades over the years has verified their reputation of quality and reliability. And we can see the above and beyond measures they implement in their CAT8 LAN cables from the features listed below:

  • 40Gbps data with 2000Mhz bandwidth

  • Double-shielded to prevent communication error

  • Protector for fold prevention

  • Fire retardant cable material

  • Better signal shielding compared to competitors

But how does having the fastest Ethernet LAN cable improve my PC gaming? To put it simply, we do not know for sure if it will. What we do know is, considering the price, why won't you have an infrastructural hardware in place that guarantees high levels of connectivity and reliability. Designing a great gaming PC is all about understanding infrastructure, like how wired components will always have a faster response time compared to wireless keyboards. For the same reason you don't game multiplayer on wireless because of speed, why not purchase the fastest Ethernet LAN cable for PC gaming?

The world is getting ready for Tbps bandwidth, and we believe a CAT8 cable is a great step to take to prepare yourself for it. Well, until CAT9 emerges. Happy gaming!

Thank you for reading 'Top 3 fastest Ethernet LAN cable for PC gaming' and we hope you have a beautiful day ahead. #pcgaming #top #fastest #ethernet #lan #gamers

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