The two dominant VR headset brand

There are two clear winners for VR headset market share. The Oculus and Vive. Why are they the best brand for VR? Lets find out.

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The two domininant VR headset brand by IT Block

We are sure you have heard of the Vive and Oculus VR headset before. There is a good reason for that; these two VR headset brands are the best available in the market. In our opinion, there is no viable contender; HTC and Facebook have bet big with the Vive and Oculus, respectively. Their gamble is paying off big time as well.

When it comes to VR or virtual reality, there is no agreed-upon standard in place in terms of the type of headsets there are. You have mobile VR headsets, some of which work by inserting a mobile phone inside or the Samsung Gear VR Headset (powered by Oculus) which only connects to Samsungs range of mobile or tablet devices. There are VR headsets which connect to a computer or TV, much like some HTC Vive earlier adaptations and the Oculus Rift S, used to either watch HDMI movies or experience 3D cinema. Still, they are more suited towards playing 3D games and applications. The last category of VR headsets is standalone, which in our opinion, is what a VR headset should be. Standalone VR headsets have storage capacities, allowing you to install games and applications designed specifically for virtual reality.

The Oculus tends to have their range of VR applications, and the HTC Vive will have theirs. As we said, there is no standard in place, and the direction of VR headsets seem a lot similar to gaming consoles, at least for the standalone versions.

the dominnace of oculus and vive
Oculus VR headset

The dominance of Oculus and Vive

The rivalry of Oculus and Vive, we predict, will be defined and regarded among the best of them. Coke versus Pepsi, Xbox versus Playstation or Microsoft versus Apple. Granted it is a bit too early to make any real predictions, but we do not see any contest to these two brands. VR headset technology is still mostly undefined; perceived as a novelty experience and not something easily integrated into any environment. VR headsets that require a computer to work is still too clunky, wires everywhere and needs a person to both start the machine, followed by the application and then put on the headset to start. Mobile VR headsets do not even make any sense in the long run, phone battery consumed in such a way will discourage long-term use.

Oculus and Vive already have a design in place they can build upon. They are not just the hardware; they are also the operating system itself. Even the development of applications is done internally or outsourced with control in most of the cases. The most important thing for both Oculus and Vive to do would be laying down a framework, which would allow even independent developers to create a version of their application on their standalone VR headsets. Much like apps for iOS and Android, a very lucrative way forward would be to empower others to do the heavy lifting.

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HTC Vive full gaming rig


The price of VR headset tell us one thing, we are still far away from VR headsets becoming part of everyday reality. At the current price points, they are available to people on a lease, especially when you look at developing countries where most can't afford a thousand dollars on an entertainment device. Producing it in mass now to reduce cost is too much of a risk, more market research may be needed.

The high stakes here are too large to ignore also. It will only be a matter of time, maybe in the next decade where we will finally see life-like three dimensional rendered models. We could even argue that some movies may have already achieved such renderings, but we are talking about technology that allows for more developers to create them. We could only be a few more 3D engines away from accomplishing life-like graphics on gaming consoles and PC. Oculus and Vive might have a chance at dominating VR technology if they play their cards right; they have done well thus far. Overall, we are supremely excited to see what these two brands will accomplish and show the world in the future.

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