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Most affordable ISP internet plans in Singapore

Updated: May 6, 2020

Internet Bills are never anybody's favourite subject to talk about - Let's look at the cheapest options for ISP internet plans in Singapore.

When tasked with the prospect of not having Internet or Broadband at home, people generally outright refuse such a thing - we all need it, however, we would prefer not to pay for it. That being said, when it comes to the real world, where everything has a price, people will actively look to pay for the cheapest option available on the market, and that often means they won't be getting the best.

Let's take a look into the providers that will save you more than just a buck, we're going to base prices here for 1Gbps of usage per month (24 Month Fixed Contract) -

Singtel's most affordable ISP internet plans in Singapore

Most Affordable Internet Plans in Singapore

Singtel operates as one of the 4 main Internet Service Providers in the country of Singapore, their Fibre Broadband packages include handy add-ons such as free access to Stingray Music, Free Local Data on Sundays, and the option to upgrade your Mobile Device annually.

Their 1Gbps Package retails at S$44.90, which includes free installations - Even on weekends. Online purchasers will also benefit from rebates of $5.00 per month.

A WIFI Mesh setup is available to improve WIFI coverage around the home - this is available for $49.90 per month.

M1's most affordable ISP internet plans in Singapore

Most Affordable Internet Plans in Singapore

Established in 1997, M1 has long been one of the best Internet Service Providers in Singapore for a long time, offering quality packages for competitive rates. They were the first 4G Nationwide provider and are well renowned for their ultrafast network. Their 1Gbps package will set you back just $39.90 per month, a price well worth it for the consistency and high level of customer satisfaction they hold.

It is worth noting, however, that they charge a fee of $58.85 upon signing up to a contract with them - This still works out cheaper than Singtel however, so you may want to have a delve into their offerings here: https://www.m1.com.sg/

StarHub's most affordable ISP internet plans in Singapore

Most Affordable Internet Plans in Singapore

Starhub offers a low-cost Fibre Broadband Service, starting at just $39.90 per month. Customers of Starhub are well accustomed to promotions on closely related services, which really helps Starhub to be a market-leader for an all-round provider.

Starhub provides a 1 Months Free "Trial" Subscription for customers who would like to test out their 1Gbps Broadband. Buying into a 24-Month service online unlocks plenty of perks, including discounted Amazon Prime Memberships, Routers and Smart Devices like Google Home Mini.

Starhub has been known to receive mixed reviews, however, averaging just 2.8 Stars out of 5 on Glassdoor - Compared to Singtel & M1 who both rank at 3.3 Stars on the same site. They are still a great value alternative for the add-ons they have available, you can check them out here: https://www.starhub.com/personal.html

Whizcomms most affordable ISP internet plans in Singapore

Most Affordable Internet Plans in Singapore

For the cheapest package on the Singapore Fibre Market, Whizcomms is undoubtedly the way to go. While it isn't one of the Big 4 in the Singapore ISP Provider Market, they are surely worth their praise for offering a whole 1Gbps Broadband speed for just $34!

Whizcomms are for sure a no-frills provider, but that might be your solution as a homeowner with minimal expectations and requirements. They do offer promotions too, such as 3-Months free VIU subscription, so you can watch all of your favourite Movies and TV shows.

More surprisingly, Whizcomms is higher rated than Starhub, who charge $6 extra per month for what can be considered as the same service if you're a no-frills customer.


Most affordable ISP internet plans in Singapore

Most Affordable Internet Plans in Singapore

The choice is vast when it comes to choosing your ISP provider, there are small-print costs to weigh up, such as installation fees, router costs, up-front fees etc. It all depends upon whether you are looking for the cheapest package overall or the best value package for what you're paying, and all 4 of these providers are worth the look into for both cases.

Written by Harrison Jones

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