The Best Smart Home Appliances 2021

After spending way too much of our time cooped up in our houses, smart home devices have come out on top to help us make the most of lockdowns and add a sense of seamless convenience into our daily lives. So, here are our top picks for smart home appliances in 2021.

1. Google Nest Hub

The first step of curating your smart home is to choose a smart hub. These will allow you to centralise the management of all your smart home devices. Our choice is the Google Nest hub, with a 7-inch compact display screen that allows you to watch videos, view photos, or check your reminders and calendars at a glance. The sleek device also allows you to control other compatible devices so you can seamlessly customise your morning and evening routines such as setting alarms, dimming lights, or even turning off the television and speakers.

2. Samsung QLED 4K Smart TV

For the best experience at all our netflix parties, upgrade your TV viewing experience with Google Assistant. Samsung’s new QLED smart TV features quantum matrix technology that delivers high-quality resolution and rich colours. The smart device is also able to pair quickly and seamlessly with Google Assistant.

3. Philips Hue smart light bulbs