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Tech jobs that are booming during lock down

Many millions of people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic of COVID-19, on the other hand, some industries are growing at speeds they never thought were possible.

Here's a run down of some industries booming due to the restrictions in place for coronavirus.

Tech jobs that are booming during lock down

1. Contact tracing

Tech jobs that are booming during lock down

The most obvious job that has seen demand (Or at least demand from the government) is the contact tracing industry. Contact tracing requires a team of staff to get anyone who has been in contact with somebody that's tested positive for COVID-19, to isolate. This process requires the use of mobile apps, bluetooth, and ultimately texting or calling those who have these apps.

Contact tracers work to get contact details of those who have come into contact with a person testing positive, and will call them from there to check their recent contacts - This helps to greatly stem the spread of the virus. Singapore's armed forces were reportedly making thousands of calls each day back in February/March, to isolate as many contacts they could find.

Tech jobs that are booming during lock down

2. Cyber security engineers

Tech jobs that are booming during lock down

As the world has switched online over the last 3-4 months, it's no surprise that hackers, viruses and security breaches are on the rise - With this comes the need for more cyber security engineers. Job postings for this occupation are up by an average of 20%.

Cyber security engineers inspect malware and cloud security remotely (Such as via Team viewer) on victim's devices - They may also implement ethical hacking, to help out those who are vulnerable to attacks. A lot of people who are new to computers are getting caught with viruses and being exposed to criminal hackers, hence cyber security engineers are in demand to solve these kinds of problems in a time where technology is one of the bigger things the world's population is relying on.

Tech jobs that are booming during lock down

3. Remote customer support workers

Tech jobs that are booming during lock down

Whether you're shopping online, or looking for assistance with your mobile or PC, tech support is growing in size, so you have easier access to the support you might need. Online customer service will have been driven by a rise in demand for shopping online, and a fall in demand for shopping from the physical stores (Mainly due to the fact that some governments around the world have since ordered all non-essential retail stores to switch to online and close their stores indefinitely).

Even then, people are unlikely to start shopping in-store for quite some time, so online customer service agents may be an occupation that remains in great demand, as it requires only basic tech skills, and is an easier way to recruit people as it is remote work that can be done from home by just about anyone.

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