• Reza Nilofer

I lost my WiFi password. What should you do?

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

So you lost your WiFi password. Fret not, we got your back, as always. There is absolutely no need to panic now that you are here. You are safe, you feel safe too. This is a common issue, you installed your wireless router and everything is set up. But you have a new component or your in-laws have come over. So what do you do now? You google how to find your WiFi password and we have some scenarios for you to consider. You can compare your situation with these scenarios and re-enact the solution which suits you best.

Or how about this, let us hold your hands and get you through this entire ordeal step by step. How does that sound?

Password reset

The first thing we will need to do is to reset your password and don't worry this is not a tedious process. We will just have to do a little bit of exercise for this one. If you are asking why not just hack your password, that is not recommended. Firstly, it is a very complex task and new standards like WPA2 are virtually impossible to hack. So rather than do this the hard way, there is an easier way. After all, it is just for your local internet, a relatively safe act would be to do a hardware reset.

A hard reset

This will refer to going to your wireless router itself. We think you know what that is and if you don't we really do not know how to help you here. In any case, you can always google it to know what it looks like and there is no shame in admitting what you do not know.

You should be able to see a button that is normally recessed and marked reset. They do this to prevent any accidental resets of the router. So grab a pen or something that can poke through that hole and press it into the hole, make sure the button is pressed down inside of it (you should feel the click of the button) for about twenty to thirty seconds flat.

Take a picture

Time to take out your smartphone and take a picture of a sticker on your router. Yes, the same router you have reset, it should be located there somewhere. On there you will see two important pieces of information.

  1. SSID Key - can be marked as 2.4G and 5G

  2. Wireless Security Key or WPA key

Now, this is a new important piece of information now. Guard it with your life.

Connect to wireless

Remember that picture you just took, look at what is written under "SSID". Now go to your computer and click on your wireless icon to search for WiFi around your house. There you will find a new WiFi with the same SSID as the one in the picture you just took. That is the WiFi coming out of the wireless router you just reset.

Click on that and press 'connect'. When you are prompted to enter a password or key, enter the WPA key that was taken in the picture and now you have access to your WiFi internet at home.

Make it secure

Technically you can stop right here if you want. Nothing wrong with that, you lead a simple life.

But that complicated password you just took a picture of is hard to remember and you do not want to be hassled by every guest or visitor that comes through your doors, do you? You want something easy to remember, something easy to digest.

So is it easy to change your SSID or WiFi in your home to something else? Yes of course it is. But at the same time, it is a little tricky because you need to find the IP of your router which is almost always or


Click on this link above and wait for the result that comes out under "Router Private IP". You should see a set of four numbers in the format of XXXX.XXXX.XXXX.XXXX. Now copy that number and paste it in your internet browser followed by the 'enter' button.


You will need to do a little bit of tinkering here. You should be able to access the administrator page here without an issue. That is where that IP address you entered in your browser will lead to. If they ask you for a user name and password, go back to that same sticker under your router. It is there. Take a picture of the admin user name and password and proceed through here. Now each router and brand is different but they are more or less the same. Scroll around until you find somewhere that allows you to rename the SSID and password to something you want. And hit on save. After doing this, you will lose the internet again, that WiFi you connected to earlier no longer exists, in its the place is the new WiFi SSID and password you have created. Connect to that and save the password somewhere on a hard piece of paper in the kitchen. And we are done here.

That wasn't so hard, was it. You're a pro already.