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SonicGear: Sonic Shuttle and SonicPod speaker review

Looking for new portable speakers that pack a punch? If you’re into the aesthetics as much as you’re in it for the quality, we may have found just the match for you. SonicGear has launched not one but two new speakers, and we had the privilege of testing them out for you. Before we get started, I’d like to thank SonicGear for the opportunity to make this review possible. Now, let's get started!

1. Design

Sonic Shuttle

Personally, I thought the aesthetics were on point for both speakers. The Sonic Shuttle comes in a sleek rectangular design with a matt black finish that lends a little edge. The rainbow RGB lighting at the front seems to be the brand’s signature, which adds a sort of sci-fi aesthetic to the speaker (if you’ve seen Tron: Legacy, you’d know what I mean).


This aesthetic carries forward to the Sonic Pod, this time with a white finish instead. Its compact sphere shape makes it easily portable as well, and the ring of RGB lighting adds an extra flair of fun.

Both speakers were super simple to use. They come with a main power button at the back, as well as touch buttons for the basic functions. Once you turn them on, simply open bluetooth on your phone or computer to connect to the speakers, and voila! Enjoy your music. I had no issues connecting with both apple and android devices, which is always a good sign. I even enjoyed the audio that plays when turning them on, which again brings that sci-fi feel to the table.

2. Quality

I’ll admit - I'm no expert when it comes to sound quality. Both speakers sounded perfectly fine to me, but there are some things I’d like to point out.

The Sonic Shuttle really packs a punch when it comes to volume. In terms of sound quality, the speaker produces bright and crisp audio – the kind of combination that works for vocal-heavy tunes.

The SonicPod performs similarly, delivering a bright sound signature, which is expected considering its compact size. In short, you get more treble than bass. But don't get me wrong, the sound is clear and sharp, just not as powerful on the bass.

Both speakers seem to fall a little short when it comes to bassy tunes, which becomes the most obvious when listening to pop songs - our typical party tunes. With that being said however, you can always use an equalizer app to get a sound that’s closer to what you like.

3. Features

Sonic Shuttle Connection
Sonic Pod Connection

The SonicShuttle supports many options of connectivity. You can connect to the SonicShuttle via Bluetooth, 3.5mm audio in, USB-A thumb drive or even a microSD. SonicPod on the other hand only allows connection via Bluetooth and 3.5mm audio in.

What’s impressive is there’s a TWS mode on both speakers, meaning If you happen to get another unit of the same, then you’ll be able to use both as a stereo speaker as long as they are within 10m of each other.

What's interesting is that both SonicShuttle and SonicPod are supported by an app called SonicGo! 2. The app allows customizations to your SonicShuttle and SonicPod in terms of RGB light and EQ, and extra features such as radio FM. The app’s UI still feels a little half baked and somewhat a prototype, but it is easy to use and navigate. The ‘Light’ section allows you to customize the RGB that is being shown.

4. Battery Life

According to the specs, the Sonic Shuttle should last up to 12-hours at 50% volume, and takes 6 hours to fully recharge. I’m glad to report that the speaker performed as promised! Even at 50% volume, the audio was plenty loud enough for a medium sized room, which makes this speaker perfect for parties! While we haven't been throwing many parties lately (yknow, the global pandemic) this would work great for your 8-person gatherings too.

On the other hand, the Sonic Pod is meant to last for 1-2 hours at 50% volume, and takes 4.5 hours to fully recharge. I’ve meddled with the speakers quite a bit this past week, and found that it actually lasts much longer if you set the volume lower. While it may look small, the Sonic Pod is big on sound. I let my music play in the background while working from home, and it performed for up to 4 hours easily. While it may not be the best for big parties, the Sonic Pod works just fine for more laid back settings when you don't need music at full blast.

5. Is it worth it?

The SonicGear SonicShuttle retails for S$79.90, which is pretty competitive for speakers of this size and specifications. The SonicShuttle also goes the extra mile by providing various options of connectivity.

The SonicPod retails for S$59.90, which doesn’t make it as price competitive as its alternatives. However, it does stand out by offering the TWS mode which many small portable speakers do not typically provide.

In short, if you want something versatile, easily portable, and great for parties, these are definitely worth the buy. Go ahead and grab one of your own!


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