SonicGear: Sonic Shuttle and SonicPod speaker review

Looking for new portable speakers that pack a punch? If you’re into the aesthetics as much as you’re in it for the quality, we may have found just the match for you. SonicGear has launched not one but two new speakers, and we had the privilege of testing them out for you. Before we get started, I’d like to thank SonicGear for the opportunity to make this review possible. Now, let's get started!

1. Design

Sonic Shuttle

Personally, I thought the aesthetics were on point for both speakers. The Sonic Shuttle comes in a sleek rectangular design with a matt black finish that lends a little edge. The rainbow RGB lighting at the front seems to be the brand’s signature, which adds a sort of sci-fi aesthetic to the speaker (if you’ve seen Tron: Legacy, you’d know what I mean).


This aesthetic carries forward to the Sonic Pod, this time with a white finish instead. Its compact sphere shape makes it easily portable as well, and the ring of RGB lighting adds an extra flair of fun.