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Singapore tops list of average ISP internet speed

It might come as a surprise (Or not) to hear that Singapore holds one of the fastest average broadband speeds available in the world - How do other rankings fare? Let's find out:

Please note the list we collated data from are average download speeds - Not the best download speeds

So, why is Singapore one of the best in the world for broadband accessibility? Well, it's simple really, we are tiny in comparison to other developed nations, our population is tightly put together, and there isn't really a "rural" community. Singapore has always been a business hot spot for overseas and migrant entrepreneurs, so the need for high-quality broadband services has been present for a number of years. Singapore's broadband users reported an average download speed of over 70 Mbps.

Singapore tops list of average ISP internet speed
Singapore High Up The List For Average ISP Broadband Speeds

Compare this to nations you might think are just as well off, and there's a stark contrast... The countries you might have expected to see there might be the UK, USA, France, Germany etc, but these countries aren't even inside the top 10.

Coming 3rd and 4th and 5th respectively were Jersey, Sweden and Denmark - Unsurprisingly really, they each have their own governments or authorities who have built these frameworks for their citizens. The Scandinavian countries especially have governments who actively promote a good broadband speed, and see it as an essential thing to include in your home, rather than a luxury.

Singapore tops list of average ISP internet speed
Singapore High Up The List For Average ISP Broadband Speeds

The point of land mass seems to be a bigger problem in other countries, especially those with different territories or states. We know that the USA comprises of over 50 different states or constituencies, and has one of the largest land masses of any country worldwide - But even then, we would expect the world's largest economy by GDP to be able to offer its residents a good average speed right? Wrong - the USA ranks 15th, falling behind several smaller countries and EU nations.

The situation is even bleaker for the UK, where there is a superfast fibre broadband network present, but the average speeds don't really prove their worth. The UK is 34th in the list, with an average of just over 22 Mbps for broadband users, the biggest contributor is homeowners not wanting to switch to super fast connections, and thus, ISPs are holding back from rolling out their faster services and connections.

Don't worry, we didn't forget number one - This is a big surprise, but we shouldn't be shocked as they have been doing everything right for the past few years. Taiwan tops the list for the fastest average broadband speed by country. The main reasons have been cited that Taiwan's main industries include high-tech such as IT and tech support, which account for 18% of its GDP, as well as a need to improve its business attractiveness to overseas business owners.

Singapore tops list of average ISP internet speed
Singapore High Up The List For Average ISP Broadband Speeds

Taiwan has done equally well in keeping coronavirus out of its nation, so it is no surprise broadband is a standout part of its infrastructure, the average download speeds were 85 Mbps, a 202 percent rise since 2017 - Taiwan has continued to expand its technical operations, and rightly so, it has risen to become one of the most liveable countries in the world as of late.

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