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Singapore GP Cancelled? Tune into E-sports!

It was looking pretty likely that the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix was going to be cancelled, and unfortunately last week Singapore's race organisers announced that the race would not be going ahead.

This was due to the risk of infections spreading in the stands and viewing areas, as well as the rigorous restrictions still in place around the nation.

This is obviously a very sad time for racing lovers, but it isn't all doom and gloom...

E-sports have managed to team up with a mixture of past and present Formula 1 drivers, along with other sports stars and celebrities, and have started their own Formula 1 E-sports drivers' championship.

Singapore Grand Prix Cancelled? You should tune into E-sports

It is hard to miss too, with the official Formula 1 social pages such as Facebook delivering live streams of each race weekend. Most recently George Russell took home his fourth win of the virtual season at the Montreal circuit in Canada, taking on the likes of Esteban Gutierrez (Mercedes' simulator driver) and Charles Leclerc of Ferrari.

E-sports for Formula 1 is a lot more popular than you think, and we say that because it is massive! Twitch now have their own E-sports section within their site and app, so the number of viewers, and competitive players, is growing fast.

It is a viable way for budding pro gamers to compete professionally, and with the Formula 1 season, professional gamers are given the chance to race between themselves after the main event, with the winner bagging a free drive in a real Formula E car (Formula E is like Formula 1, except all of the cars are built with fully electric powered engines).

Singapore Grand Prix Cancelled? You should tune into E-sports

The new forms of racing online have taken a bad swing though recently, although it probably wasn't with any intent to cause trouble. In the formula E online racing session at Berlin last month, Daniel Abt of Audi was caught cheating for the race. It turned out that he had a sim driver complete his race for him, while having his camera turned off, so as not to raise suspicions.

This is a huge unfair advantage to the other racers of course, but Abt claims it was only meant as a fun experiment, to showcase the talents of E-sports racing gamers, as opposed to Formula 1, and Formula E drivers, who are more used to the feel of a real car as opposed to a simulated controller pad.

Albeit the controversy, the Formula 1 E-sports season turned out a success, with 11 of the current 20 drivers in the 2020 line-up for the real season having a go at the online version at some time or another. With the real season set to start in Austria within 3 weeks time, fans will be excited at the prospect of the sport returning - But E-sports has definitely shown a new side to competitive racing.

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