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Should we use Fiverr for hiring people?

When it comes to the jobs you do in your company, are there ever things that need to be done every so often, but those tasks can't be given to a new employee, as it might take them too long to learn?

That's where you should use Fiverr - Instead of hiring people in the traditional way, you can hire someone on Fiverr without any face-to-face contact, and you only pay them for the time you need, without contractual obligations or minimum pay.

So, what is Fiverr?

Why you should use Fiverr for hiring people

Fiverr is a full freelancing platform where sellers can offer services from as little as $5 USD - It is a great method of side income for anyone looking to showcase some of their best skills and hobbies, and it can easily turn into a new job for some.

Fiverr is flexible for companies as there are no legal contracts or minimum pay requirements to contend with, meaning you can get the services and jobs you need, without having to ever meet or see the seller in person, it's a great time saver, and you can quickly get the people you need without having to do interviews - These Fiverr sellers already have the skills, just make sure you choose a top rated seller for extra reassurance.

Why you should use Fiverr for hiring people

Fiverr is a great tool to use for those odd jobs like data entry, blog posting and SEO, where a job is either mundane and takes up time for your existing staff when they might be needed elsewhere, or for jobs that require a specific skill set, such as the understanding of SEO algorithms and fundamentals.

When using Fiverr, you have access to full customer support, it's not some unprofessional portal where if you have disagreements or are unsatisfied with a seller then that's it. Fiverr allows you to obtain refunds for services that were either incomplete or not revised, and you can claim refunds when your request isn't acted upon by the seller within 48 hours.

We'd highly recommend Fiverr as it's a great way to outsource work you either don't have the skill set for, or the time to do - There's no lock-in for contracts, and you can generally get services from freelancers on Fiverr for less than you would if you were to employ a professional directly for whatever work you needed. The latter is unproductive, as you risk leaving them with no work for a number or days/weeks until you need them to do work for you again, that is burning cash, and your business doesn't need that!

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