Should I buy or build my PC?

Having a PC, whether you buy it, or make it yourself, is very rewarding. You can do just about anything you like on them, it can be for work, for gaming, or just as a leisure tool.

Let's discuss whether it is better to buy or build your PC.

First of all, we know it is obviously a good choice to buy a PC from another supplier, the reasons are pretty widely known.

Buying a pre-built PC enables you to save on the hours of work required to set up each component, and getting everything running will normally take under 2 hours when you buy a PC brand new. You'll have your operating software all ready, you don't have to worry about the motherboard or the power supply having issues (We say this because if there is any kind of fault from a new PC, you are generally covered under the warranty of the product for a minimum of 12 months to 2 years.

Should I buy or build my PC?

If you decide to build your PC and buy each component from a different supplier, as soon as one part starts to show signs of error, you have to get that returned, and it is time wasted over a component probably worth a fraction of your build cost - With a new PC the full unit can be replaced, which is generally a shorter wait time, as you don't need to re-fit any parts to your PC tower.