Should I buy an AMD or Intel CPU?

If you are considering your options when purchasing a new CPU, the only two brands you should find are AMD and Intel. But are they the same product with different brand names?

Should I buy an AMD or Intel CPU?

AMD and Intel are giants in the CPU market. Intel is the largest semiconductor company in the world with the largest market share. If you were to gauge these companies as a whole, from chips used for the satellite to weapons, you could quickly call it a win for Intel.

But we are here because we are simple people who want a new CPU for our computer motherboard—in the world of personal computers and laptops, these two semiconductor brands, evenly matched as possible. AMD and Intel each have their strengths, with some years you can see Intel producing the better CPU and other years belong to AMD. Rather than get technical, let us break it down from a usage point of view.

CPU for surfing and home use

10th Gen Intel Core i3 series

Intel Core i3 series

For those of you building a computer just for essential work and surfing, a stable and reliable series of CPU is the best option. Intel Core i3 series are durable and highly reliable. You can assure yourself that one of the last things to fail in your computer will be the CPU, that is how confident we are in the i3.

Pair this CPU with at least 8GB of ram at least, especially if you have a habit of opening up numerous tabs. Even so, it is unlikely you would be testing the limits of the i3 CPU.

CPU for casual gaming and multimedia use

AMD Ryzen 5

AMD Ryzen™ 5 3400G with Radeon™ RX Vega 11 Graphics

If you occasionally play games on your computer and want to watch high definition movies and 4K videos, purchasing a graphics card would be the obvious choice on top of your CPU. That is no longer the case because AMD has launched a computer processor that also has a GPU inside it. At first, we thought it was suspicious and gimmicky, but after trying it for ourselves, it seems to perform as promised.

Among AMD's CPU combined with GPU series, the Ryzen 3400G is the top of the range. Best of all, without the need of purchasing a graphics card, you would still be saving a lot of money. Money that you can use to buy more games and movies to enjoy.

CPU for serious gamers and 3D rendering

AMD Ryzen Threadripper series

AMD Ryzen Threadripper series

The word 'overclocking' is unofficially married to the AMD brand. AMD processors, when it started to break into the market, were much more affordable. Gamers, being the resourceful creatures they are, always push their CPU above their advertised limits, knowing how it reduces the lifespan of their processor. Financially, it made more sense to overclock a cheaper processor, and if you think about it, this mindset does have some parallels to street-racing; People can't afford an expensive sports car, so they modify and tune a Japanese car instead.

AMD has evolved since but has always included the overclocking culture officially within the technical specifications of their processors. They are allowing their customers to push their processors to its absolute limit, in a manner that is safe for the processor. AMD's latest Ryzen Threadripper series lives and breathes gaming. But that is not all this processor has to offer, while AMD dominates the world of gaming, it has also set its sight on expanding the capability of their product. Not only does the Ryzen Threadripper series perform well in games, but it has also shown fantastic performance with 3D rendering.

CPU for data processing and business applications

Intel core processors

Intel Core processors

According to benchmarks, AMD is the clear winner in performance across all categories. But there are a reason servers in data centres rely heavily on Intel CPUs; they are robust and reliable.

Businesses require stability and reliability above all else; performance is nothing without consistency. There is no real data out there which can prove Intel's reliability over AMD. Still, if you ask most technical professionals, they will almost always recommend Intel processors based on their own anecdotal experience.

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