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Remote working is here to stay - Even after COVID-19

So many companies have adopted remote working in the recent months due to coronavirus restrictions, and even when this stuff is all but over, don't convince yourself that things will go back to normal in office-based jobs.

Coronavirus has made remote working something of a forced reality for the majority of office based jobs that don't constitute as essential. We're talking accountants, marketing teams and many more. A lot of workers globally, as well as their managers, have found that remote working isn't only equally productive, but also much cheaper than having to work from the office.

Remote working is here to stay - Even after COVID-19

Home working has benefits like removing the need to travel to and from work, as well as saving on infrastructure costs, for things like catering stations for staff to drink and eat from, to desktops, laptops, desks, chairs, pens, headsets, phones - You name it. Every office needs these things, and the costs run into the thousands, sometimes tens of thousands. Companies who would work from offices can now access cloud based solutions like remote servers and cloud desktops, so the experience of doing it from home is basically mirrored to the real thing. Productivity levels have reported to remain consistent, although there is a split between those who can and can't work from home (Introverts vs extroverts) (Old vs young?).

Productivity might improve also due to staff being less likely to take sick days, and therefore having more working days during the year anyway. Working from the comfort of your own home can improve productivity as you might do your own personal work from your home desk or home laptop already, so that added convenience means you are more familiar with your working environment, and therefore find the motivation to work more easily than when in the busy office environment.

Remote working is here to stay - Even after COVID-19

Companies are leveraging the use of VoIP telephony and internet-based collaboration tools. Things like mobile applications for internal communications, and Microsoft Teams for desktop collaboration make it much cheaper and much less hassle to onboard and train staff. For this reason, you might see a lot of remote jobs being advertised, as it is just as easy to train up staff in a lot of jobs now when doing it remotely, include the cost saving factor, and you have a viable solution for doing work.

With the wide choice of collaboration and screen sharing applications, including Zoom, learning a job role could be argued as being easier than in person. Employees can be taught in groups how to perform tasks, meetings can be held in large groups remotely - Compare this to trying it in the office, more-so when social distancing guidelines are still in place, and you have an annoying, and sometimes dissappointing outcome, where more time is spent worrying about safety and guidelines than actual output.

Training doesn't cost you anything remotely, a Zoom call can be extended, and you have the security of a login and administrative controls. If productivity is constant and costs are down due to reduced transport, there is less need for office space, and hours are more flexible, then it is hard to see why many office-based companies will really see any need to return back to the old norm of working.

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