Our top 5 remote desktop software most ideal for IT support

So this top five countdown is for our IT personnel siblings and competitors who wish to learn more about the different remote desktop solutions out there available. There are so many options out there these days, some require paid license subscription and others are free to use, kind of that is.

But to really understand the best of the best you are going to have to dig deep and we base this not only from the experience that we have as support providers but also as customer service providers. We cannot forget that this software has to make it easy for them to use just as much as us. After all, we all know how frustrating it can be if we are trying to connect to another computer. Absolutely.

Number five: Skype for business

Skype has finally entered the remote control market, kind of. You will have to get Skype for business for it to work through. And it is a two-way street, both computers need to have it.

Packaged with Microsoft Office Professional, it does make for a slightly economical solution for a large business or enterprise since you can opt for either the monthly exchange license to gain access or a one-time license payment for Microsoft Office Professional. This software is no available on Microsoft Office Home or Premium, just have a look at what software is included in the package before purchasing.

  • Mac and Windows

  • Simple User Interface for both

  • One time payment option for the license

Number four: Chrome remote desktop

When it comes to giving us free things, that "do no evil" giant corporation is definitely full of freebies. Chrome remote desktop is a simple and easy extension available to download on Chrome. For desktop users only of course, not available on mobile just to be clear.

As with all free things, do not expect too much from this. The best thing about it, it is fully cross-platform. Which means you can control a windows pc from mac and vice versa. Of course, this option is best left for casual users and not commercial. Since security is technically an issue here. This is because your browser is used to remote control the other computer and as we know, browsers can easily become infected with malware.

  • Free

  • Easy to use and install

  • Cross-platform for most operating systems

Number 3: Remote utilities for Windows

Speaking of freebies and as far as freebies go, Remote utilities for Windows is one of the best solutions available out there. The main catch is, you guessed it, it is made by Windows for Windows only. So if your client or you have a Mac operating system, you are out of luck here. Security aside, this technology is built on years and years of experience with their own remote desktop connection application. Windows have really worked out the kinks with this one and any enterprise organization out there where most of their team are using Windows computer must use this as the first option if at all possible. We would not call it perfectly secure, but it is definitely more secure than logging in through a browser which makes this our number three pick.

  • Free to use and install

  • Many great and useful features available

  • For Windows only

Number two: TeamViewer

Now no countdown to remote desktop connection can ever be complete without TeamViewer, obviously. We use it all the time and they must be the nicest programmers on the planet considering how not everyone is playing fair and use their software for free, even when they are using it for anything but personal. We have been guilty of said crime, back in the days when we had almost nothing to our name. So yes, you have the option to download and use this software for free. Or you can pay their premium monthly license installment, which allows for some cooler added features. It is cross-platform, but we have noticed how weird it can be when one tries to control a Mac computer from a Windows computer TeamViewer application. It almost never really works and is quite frustrating. So sticking to the same operating system or paying for a full license may just fix this issue. They offer chat, voice, and mother other interesting features in their remote support software. In terms of the world, this is one of the most well used remote desktop software in the market or one of the tops for sure. So because of that, it does become relatively easy for your end clients to install it and run it and email you the access codes to remote connect.

  • Free tier use available

  • Paid license tier comes with options to personalize your account

  • Very easy to install and run for end-user clients

Number one: Logmein Pro

They say you have to pay for the best and the one-year premium license you have to pay for this is not cheap by any means. But we still think it is reasonable since you can control an unlimited number of computers using one user license. Seriously, we think it is well worth it. Logmein Pro is a solution for power users, so for IT personnel out there, this is what you want. I mean just look at these features:

  • Monitor, manage and secure your endpoint infrastructure

  • Proactive remote support to address issues before they occur

  • Best-in-class unattended remote access

  • Automate routine IT tasks to increase productivity and reduce IT costs

  • Intuitive interface shortens training to get staff up and running quickly

  • Store, share and collaborate on files in one click

  • Print remote documents to local printers

  • Fast connections and data transfers save valuable agent time

  • Multi-platform remote support for users across PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and more

  • Reliable performance with 99.99+% up-time

  • All sessions protected with TLS 1.2 transport security with AES-256-bit encryption

All these features may not mean much to the layman, but to us, IT people more commonly referred to as Digital Jedis. This is the motherload of all remote desktop options in the market. As for the other options we have laid out in this top five, they are great options to consider. We are also believers in looking out for the developers who make these exquisite programs. Like TeamViewer and LogMeIn, we need to make sure we pay for these services when we can. Because we will notice it when they fold and disappear, all because we were all too happy enjoying things for free. Not very fair.

I hope you enjoyed that top five. Cheers cheers!

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