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Newest Update For Apex Legends, Season 5: Fortune's Favor Has Been Released

If you enjoyed the last 4 seasons of Apex Legends, you're going to love Fortune's Favor.

Expect to enjoy improvements ranging from bug fixes, tonnes of new character adjustments, a new legend, as well as many new weapons and loot to discover. Apex Legends, Season 5 brings the battle royale gaming platform a new main player. The most notable update comes in the form of Loba, a new thief character who will help players who want to keep their squads outfitted during matches.

Newest Update For Apex Legends, Season 5: Fortune's Favor Has Been Released

Loba specialises in certain abilities, such as Eye For Quality, Burglar's Best Friend & Black Market Boutique. These abilities allow her to see loot though walls, steal armour, weapons or ammo that is in the close vicinity, as well as teleport to anywhere on the map.

Long time players will be glad to finally see updates to the Kings Canyon region of the Apex Legends map. Such changes haven't happened since season 2, and if you haven't seen the launch trailer, Loba accidentally destroyed Thunderdome and Skull Town, which seems to have reshaped the original map. There are updates to be seen at the Singh labs too, which new structures reportedly built into this region of the map.

Newest Update For Apex Legends, Season 5: Fortune's Favor Has Been Released

Another useful update comes in the form of a reconnect feature, where users involuntarily disconnect from a lobby, perhaps due to a drop in internet or their PC, Xbox or PS console crashing - Now players can rejoin the same game they were in before. Surrounding players will probably see the disconnected player's character with something in the form of an "afk" status, or otherwise disconnected. Once the player reconnects, they'll respawn in the same position on the Apex Legends map, so they can keep playing from where they left off before disconnecting.

Even though this is a fantastic patch, which puts Apex Legends on the same front as games like PUBG for convenience in multiplayer matches, players might be a little disheartened to know that you can still take damage, and still be killed while disconnected from a match that is still live. If you don't reconnect in time before the match ends, expect to stomach a loss penalty - Any players who disconnect and fail to reconnect while a ranked game is still active will see a fall in their overall ranking.

For team mates of those who disconnect, it may be best to stay in the lobby to give your team mate a chance to reload their game and rejoin the map, loss forgiveness doesn't kick in until a player fully leaves a lobby, so it might be worth letting the match fully play out, so as not to take much of a hit on the ranking of each of your team members.

If you're wondering what's included in the season 5 update, you can check out the full list of patch notes here

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