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Music Streaming Services - Newest Features & Updates

Music streaming is so popular at the moment, so it is no wonder services like Spotify and Soundcloud have been making important updates to their services. Here's what's gone on so far in 2020:

Spotify Updates

Music Streaming Services - Newest Features & Updates
Music Streaming Services - Newest Features & Updates

Most recently, Spotify has implemented a cool feature which is very relevant due to the amount of spare time kids are going to have now. It has implemented parental controls, so essentially, families can set up their children with "Spotify Kids", a new extension of the streaming service, which can filter out all songs with explicit lyrics. In the most recent update, parents of children can specifically block songs, should they feel it's necessary when checking their child's listening history.

Another feature that is in beta mode for premium users only, is the ability to share the playing of songs in a group, essentially like a DJ session. It works in a way where people who have the app downloaded can be invited by a host, using a scannable code. Once everyone in the group has joined, they can all pause, skip, rewind or change songs as and when they please, users can also add songs to the queue, so it is like how you would request songs at a club or party!

Currently, it isn't known whether there is a cap on the number of users allowed in a Spotify group, but it is definitely an intuitive update, which certainly caters for families, as well as friends (Probably more-so when countries begin to ease the restrictions on seeing friends and families outside your household).

Soundcloud Updates

Music Streaming Services - Newest Features & Updates
Music Streaming Services - Newest Features & Updates

Great news music streaming fans! Soundcloud has recently partnered up with Twitch to set up a live streaming service within their app. Soundcloud has set up their own channel, allowing people to tune in and listen or watch live programming. Shows will be based around new music, artists to watch out for (hidden gems), as well as live shows, discussing the most popular tracks each week and recommending the best up and coming artists for their listeners to try out.

Here's an example schedule which you should look out for:

  • Cloud Bar Thursdays, this show will talk mainly about the issues affecting musicians, popular and unknown, old and new.

  • Fresh Pressed on Mondays, which will share the stories behind the tracks on the SoundCloud playlist of the same name (Fresh Pressed).

  • Fast Track Fridays, this is an exciting show where an artist will be challenged to create a song from scratch, and once they are finished, the artist will then share it to their Soundcloud account for people to listen to.

Bonus: Amazon Music

Music Streaming Services - Newest Features & Updates
Music Streaming Services - Newest Features & Updates

Amazon has unveiled an incentivised promotion, where new sign-ups to their music streaming service, Amazon Music, will get 3 months of unlimited listening, with skips, pauses and no advertisements, completely free for 3 months. The offer is available to anyone who signs up, and there is no limit to how many can sign up - We recommend you opt into this as soon as you can, Amazon Music has access to over 60 million songs!

Thank you for reading 'Music Streaming Services - Newest Features & Updates' and have a beautiful day ahead.

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