Laptops by vocation: The right laptop for your job

Updated: May 14, 2020

Have you ever wondered to yourself, if there is a laptop out there designed specifically for your job? Or by its design, it is perfect for the work you need to do.

Laptops by vocation

Sometimes even the people who make these laptops fail to realize their machine optimized for specific vocations. And with typical IT Block style, we don't shy away or provide disclaimers for our recommendations. This is our truth, and we sincerely believe that these laptops are ideally suited for the list of vocations we go through with you below. Here we go.

The right laptop for your job

Office, administration and human resources.

Laptops by vocation: The right laptop for your job

We are talking about your accountants, general manager, secretary, hr executives. Admin assistants and what have you. These are vocations that perform the crucial task of running the company's crucial back-end from within the office itself. We have seen many offices always providing the wrong laptops (for companies that prefer laptops) for these vocations. What they need is something robust, something reliable and a huge screen.

Our recommendation: Lenovo Ideapad with a 17-inch screen. Coupled with 3 years of on-site warranty.

It's Lenovo; it's reliable and most of all it works. They are also able to provide on-site service and support, so even if your IT team is on holiday, call them, and they come down to your office location to help out with any IT hardware issues. But the best thing is the 17-inch screen and the low amount of power consumption. A desktop would consume much more power, not very efficient. But with a laptop with a large screen and a very comfortable keyboard, it would make a nine to five work experience much more pleasant and bearable. You do not want tired eyes and neck aches. These drive productivity down.

Laptops by vocation

Marketing, sales and business development

Laptops by vocation: The right laptop for your job

You are always on the move. From going to a networking event, scouting locations, meeting with clients and attending business overseas. You cannot expect to lug around something substantial, not saying that you can't do it. It is way better for you that you do not. No one is getting any younger and carrying around a considerable weight is not suitable for anyone no matter how tone and fit you keep yourself. Since the weight is not natural, it is just not right. At the same time, you want something that shows how professional you are.

Our recommendation: Apple's MacBook 2017 12-inch

At less than a kilogram of weight (almost exactly 2 pounds) and with apple having spent millions, yes millions on the design and style of this laptop. This computer oozes professionalism, as do most Apple products. And realistically, you are only using this machine to work with documents, presentations, and videos. With many solutions running off the cloud these days, you are accessing them via your browser, so having a computer with a powerful processor is no longer needed. It is a burden. And a small screen is great for catching up on work in small and tight spaces, like on the aeroplane, in a business meeting and doing a presentation. You may not be able to see it. But you feel it when you use it and wonder why you never thought about using a lightweight laptop from the start.

The right laptop for your job

Engineers, interior designers, and architects

Laptops by vocation: The right laptop for your job

AutoCAD, Autodesk or Civil 3D. When you are designing parts, materials, the internals of a building or the design of the building itself, it is funny how we have seen many such vocation workers opt for a gaming computer to serve their needs. It is not the wrong choice. That is not what we are saying. There are better and more professional choices out there. Gaming laptops optimized for gaming, and this does not only mean a fast graphics card, processor and ram. Which also means a better networking card, faster WiFi adapter for lower ping rate and many other features you may not necessarily need and are paying an arm and a leg.

Our recommendation: Lenovo Thinkpad P51

Which is in no way the cheapest option in the market but we believe it may be one of the best. Specifically designed around the needs of engineers and optimized for 3D and 2D drawing applications. We think this is the obvious choice. Its made for this specific purpose. Cad drawings need a high definition screen; in this case, the screen is 4K ultra-high definition. That allows you to track every little pixel on the screen, and we know how important that can sometimes be. You want to be able to put your nose to the screen and still see detail.

And on top of that, it has plenty of ram and processing power to maintain many windows of 3D drawings. We want to avoid using the word perfect, but we just can't. It's perfect.

Laptops by vocation

Data analysis and data science

Laptops by vocation: The right laptop for your job

Our data is growing, and by our, I mean every person on this planet. Data has become a new form of gold since you can use this data to target the people you wish to reach. But this is a science and requires a specific type of talent: data analysts and scientists alike and the software they employ for their work. Maybe even a custom made or specialized software. They are setting the algorithms before to process an enormous chunk of data.

Our recommendation: A gaming laptop

It may sound like a blanket recommendation. But that is right, gaming is after not very dissimilar to data analysis, from the standpoint of the processor, of course. In games, one of the things that work the most is the processor. And most gaming laptops can provide outstanding processors for a very reasonable price. And many rams to process all of that information. People assume that games require rendering the most, however, in reality, most of your gameplay is processing and ram. Yes, the graphics card can run the rendering program packaged with your game and make everything crisp and clean. But the running of the entire game's programming is not managed by the GPU.

That said, yes you can get any other laptop with a powerful processor and many rams. But these laptops are really rare and quite expensive for some reason. Gaming laptops are expensive too, but there are options out there are reasonably priced with a fantastic processor and its on-site support coupled with it. Shop around.

The right laptop for your job

Designers, GFX, video editors and illustrators

Laptops by vocation: The right laptop for your job

We think it is cool that many companies see the advantage of having designers and GFX people in the office. Times have changed, and you need to do a lot of marketing and publishing online. The reality is, most schools that teach design, graphics, video editing, and illustration will almost always use an Apple computer. So buying a Windows computer would be unfair to them, they need the best tool to do the best job they can.

Our recommendation: 15-inch MacBook Pro 2019

MacBook Pro 2019 is absolutely the latest, and in terms of a mobile solution, Apple claims it to be the best in the market. Apple has always had a stronghold on designing computers for the creative mind. This MacBook is no slouch either. With a touch screen navigation bar that most people would only use to scroll through a YouTube video, in the right hands, it can allow for more magnificent design and editing capability. And their Retina screen display also makes sure whatever they see is accurate, and their work is as accurate as possible. We really cannot think of a better solution out there.

Laptops by vocation

Interns and temporary hires

Laptops by vocation: The right laptop for your job

We are harsh, but a company may not necessarily want to invest or allocate an expensive resource or machine for a temporary vocation in the first place. Be it interns or temporary staff who are only around from weeks to a few months. Giving them a workstation that a new full-time hire would need is a waste of time. It is. Let's say you have a new hire and your only computer he can use already allocated to a temporary staff at the moment. Yes, it is a convenient option, but we think there is a much better way.

Our recommendation: Lenovo Ideapad S130 11-inch (less than 500 dollars)

You read that correctly—an actual working laptop for less than five hundred dollars. We have even seen some offers where they go for as little as three hundred dollars! Now for something that is around as a spare system, that is worth the money, right? Why allocate an expensive machine that is not being used by any staff to a temp or an intern. Give them this machine to use. You never know if a machine breaks down and you have to allocate that spare machine to a staff that can use it. And as an investment, the cost is so low that if it does break down, buying another one does not even make a dent to your company account. It is an absolute win, we think so.

Thank you again so much for reading 'Laptops by vocation: The right laptop for your job'. Please like and share this blog with as many people as possible. Have a great day!

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