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IT Support 101: What Intel Core Processor Do I Need?

Updated: May 20, 2020

Looking to buy a PC/Laptop that supports Intel Core Processors? You need to ensure you have the correct processor model for the jobs you need to complete...

IT Support 101: What Core Processor Do I Need?

What Are Core Processors?

What Intel Core Processor Do I Need?

Every brand new PC will come with a built-in processor. These are essentially integrated circuits which read and then execute instructions from the programs built into the PC.

In the early days of PCs, or at least until the start of the 21st century, computers and laptops (which weren't commonplace in those days) came with only a single processor. These single processors would have to individually execute programs. Take the big box PCs for example - you probably wouldn't be able to run video editing software, Minecraft and a word processing program all at once. Even if you did, the performance and speed would be noticeably disappointing, the programs would most likely crash as single-core processors cannot adequately run multiple programs at once.

IT Support 101: What Core Processor Do I Need?

How will the type of Core Processor I Buy Affect Me?

What Intel Core Processor Do I Need?

When running any PC, there's going to come a time when you want to download software, programs, games, maybe stream yourself playing those said games. Doing things like this all at once can really strain lower end Intel core processors.

For example, advanced video editing sites such as DaVinci Resolve, or PC based games like PUBG, will probably crash by the time you load up a video or a game lobby.

Having a higher-end CPU processor enables complex tasks such as large-scale automation, multiplayer gaming and 3D rendering/3D modelling.

IT Support 101: What Core Processor Do I Need?

The Intel Core i3 Processor - Ideal for Home Use and Lower-Scale Work

What Intel Core Processor Do I Need?

If you are just buying a PC or laptop to use around the house, maybe stream a couple of movies, search your emails - We're talking casual, low energy activities that don't require by installations of software, an i3 Intel Core Processor is ideal for you.

The i3 processor comes in speeds ranging from 1.30 GHz to 3.50 GHz, this processor will hold either 3MB or 4MB of cache - A cache a dedicated space in your computer's hard drive and its RAM memory, it'll be predominantly where your internet browser saves recently visited sites.

If you're looking for a laptop or PC for lower strain everyday use like surfing the web, streaming movies and using word processing apps like Microsoft office (e.g. Microsoft Word), then this model of the processor is best for you.

PCs and laptops with this model of Intel core processor will be much cheaper than the other more advanced models. PCs or laptops with an i3 processor will usually only contain 4GB of RAM, and any new PC or laptop will probably contain up to a maximum of 8GB of RAM. Additional RAM won't be needed as users won't be using programs that require certain storage and Intel core minimum requirements.

Typically, you'll only achieve dual-core setups from an i3 Intel core processor, as the physical storage space for more cores isn't available within the PCs specs.

IT Support 101: What Core Processor Do I Need?

The Intel Core i5 Processor - Suitable For Gamers and Graphic Designers

What Intel Core Processor Do I Need?

If your requirements are a step up from casual use, to something more like frequent multiplayer gaming, or graphic design work for your job or business, an i5 processor will be best suited for your PC or laptop purchase.

An i5 processor can come supplied as a dual-core or quad-core build. This will ultimately improve loading speeds, rendering speeds and minimize lag for the majority of low to medium end programs and applications.

You'll see the most noticeable improvements upgrading from an i3 model processor to an i5 model processor. If you load a PC game, you'll find frame rates are higher, and on graphic design applications, your mouse may lag substantially less than on an i3 processor. Cache storage is generally 8MB for the i5 core family, meaning that web pages will also load substantially faster compared to an i3 PC/laptop.

IT Support 101: What Core Processor Do I Need?

The Intel Core i7 Processor - For The Hardcore Gamers, Coders and Content Editors

What Intel Core Processor Do I Need?

Looking for the best Intel core processor for your budget, choose an i7 processor...

Intel's i7 processors are generally regarded as a step up from i5 processor, as they offer higher GHz (clock speeds), most moderate-high end applications will run pretty smoothly on an i7 core processor. On an i7 processor, users will also be able to fit a turbo boost to further improve their CPU/laptop's clock speed, which is handy for repetitive high-load activities like coding, or rendering multiple projects.

An i7 processor vs an i5 processor doesn't necessarily mean better performance, however, let's say you have an i5-6600K processor (One of Intel's better i5 models), this would be faster than an i7-6700 processor. Why, do you ask? Well, the i7 model, despite having more cache, and potentially more RAM, the base clock speed (GHz) on average are lower in this particular i7 model as opposed to the i5 model.

If you're looking for better than i7 - There is the Intel Core i9 processor, however, this will be overload for the average user if you're not working on large-scale coding or carrying out high power processing - these contain 18 cores and are a huge step up on the i7 processor.

Give these processors some research and ask yourself, what will I be mainly using my PC/laptop for - You'll then be able to work out the best model for your budget and convenience. The last thing you want is to over-spend on something you hardly need the power for, or under-spending and realising you are facing ongoing performance issues.

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