IT support 101: Should I buy a refurbished computer?

In the world of buying and selling, the vast majority of us will be used to buying things brand new, but when it comes to a PC, does new necessarily make much of a difference compared with a refurbished PC?

IT support 101: Should I buy a refurbished computer?

Nowadays, a new PC straight out of the box might cost you just shy of $500 (US dollars that is), that's including the PC unit itself, and a bog standard mouse, keyboard and monitor - Something that works fine for your budget. The truth is that refurbished computers give you more bang for your buck (Depending on where you look - Yes, that was a good rhyme!).

If you try to find a solid refurbished PC on a site like eBay or Facebook Marketplace, the chances are you're going to be taking a big gamble, as generally those sellers don't have original packaging, ways to clean dust out of the fans, and some don't even bother to clean the screen (if one comes with the PC). A better, and safer choice, is to try out a dedicated refurbished store, as their standards of what refurbished means are much greater than somebody selling a PC from their own home. This is because they want to make sure no one turns back up at the store complaining the refurbished PC they just bought isn't fit for purpose.

IT support 101: Should I buy a refurbished computer?

A refurbished PC from a trusted seller is generally going to have no internal issues, the motherboard will be in good shape, the fans won't be overheated, it will be clean of viruses on the inside, and dust on the outside. If a PC comes out of the packaging and is used a couple of times, it will lose a lot of its value, even if there isn't any wear and tear, you can probably nab the same PC as a refurbished model for 20% less than the original, without seeing any

difference in performance.

If you're still unsure of whether to buy a new or refurbished PC , think about how reliant you'll be on using the device, a refurbished PC may be at higher risk of working slowly, just because it has been used in the past. A new PC is untouched, and you might be its only owner throughout its useful working life, so you place more value on it, even if it is significantly higher in price as opposed to refurbished versions of that PC on offer.

If you're buying a refurbished PC from a trusted seller, make sure they offer a returns policy, that way you have the same protection as you would if you were to buy a new PC. Double check everything is included too, the last thing you want is a computer without a mouse, or a PC that's missing a power lead or VGA cable, and although these aren't that expensive, it is a big inconvenience if you want to get working on your PC straight away.

Overall, a refurbished computer is a good choice, as long as you make sure you get a returns guarantee, and confirm what is included in the price, are all the cables, nuts, bolts, keyboards and mouse in there?

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