Is console gaming dying off?

Throughout many 90's kid's lives, console gaming has been something they have grown to love and rely on as a form of online interaction, a way to collaborate with people you never thought you could, with something new to look forward to every 2-3 years.

Is console gaming dying off?
Is console gaming dying off?

As you probably know, the last generation of gaming consoles that were released with huge success were the Xbox One and the PS4 - Both received great sales, the PS4 with over 100 million, and the Xbox One getting around 50 million worldwide. Compare this to classic, or what I like to call, "golden era" consoles, and the sales results are a tad underwhelming...

Three standout consoles that far exceeded the Xbox One and the PS4 were the Nintendo DS, the Playstation 2, and the original Game Boy, each surpassing 100 million units in sales. It makes the question of whether consoles are ageing more important - The next generation of consoles due to arrive, the Xbox Series X and the PS5, could be deemed as more of an upgrade on graphics and speed, but not really much else...

Is console gaming dying off?
Is console gaming dying off?

The thing you have to remember with console upgrades or new releases, is that game developers have to spend a whole chunk of time getting their games in a position that makes them compatible with newer generation consoles. That takes a long time, and can often be costly and stressful - That's why some new games are released onto older generation consoles first, as the developers haven't got it prepared for the newest generation.

Sales of the next generation of consoles will, for sure, be in the millions in terms of units, but they won't exceed that of their previous counterparts, such as the Xbox 360, the Playstation 3, or even the Nintendo Wii. I think a lot of gamers enjoy going back to their favourite nostalgic games, and this is becoming more commonplace, especially with the likes of Call Of Duty, where older releases are favoured in comparison to the futuristic style of shooter games.

There are a host of mobile alternatives to console games now, and this is the main thing that is staggering sales from younger generations - Having a dedicated console for gaming is great for the home, but it costs a lot more than a mobile or tablet game would, and these styles of games appear to be far more addictive, and much more suited to younger generations, who never got to see the golden era of consoles, (Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii).

Is console gaming dying? I'd say so, however, it will be here to stay for a long time, certainly for another 5 years - Or at least until mobile or cloud-based gaming becomes something that leaves Xbox, Nintendo and Playstation looking useless in comparison.

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