How to start a YouTube channel (The right way)

One booming hobby and trend nowadays is watching (and making) YouTube videos. How do you start out a YouTube channel properly?

Have the correct motive

How to start a YouTube channel (The right way)

One tutorial you'll always see floating around is how to make millions from YouTube - Although this is possible, the reason you should be joining YouTube is for the fun of making videos, and not to try and make a quick earning.

YouTube doesn't allow earnings really until you reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours watch time over a 12 month period. You might not be earning for over a year, so it's best to keep that aspect out of your mind for now...

Invest in a recording setup

How to start a YouTube channel (The right way)

When setting up any kind of channel, you have to work out how you're going to record your content. Are you going to be screen recording or using a camera? Before you begin to set up your channel information and backgrounds etc, you want to ensure one thing - That your videos can be rendered in HD, or even better 1080p, and better than that - 60 frames per second.

Don't forget, you might need external microphones, studio lights, wind covers etc depending on what environment you intend to record in.

Source an editing tool