How To Organise Your Outlook Emails

One big problem we see when managing people's emails is that they have to go through a lot of time and effort to find a specific email in their inbox. Categorising emails can help you tidy up your Outlook account massively.

How To Organise Your Outlook Emails

Outlook folders are basically a tool you can implement in order to automate where certain emails go, instead of just to the inbox, or the spam folder. Think of it how you'd stock up your cupboard - If you put everything in randomly, it would take a long time to find what you need, meals would take hours to prepare, and you might see some food go to waste as you never find it.

The same goes with emails, if you keep your email inbox untidy, after some time you're going to have trouble finding older emails, as well as locating the most important emails that are stuck between an army of spam.

Utilising folders in Outlook makes it easy to navigate between conversations, almost like if you were using Facebook Messenger - You will have all of your contacts and their email conversations neatly organised so you don't need to manually search an email address each time to get to the conversation you need.

Here are the steps to creating Outlook folders:

How To Organise Your Outlook Emails

1. Open up your Outlook account and scroll down the section on the left until you find "New Folder" (It will be in blue coloured text) - Select this option.

Name your folder, generally you should call it the company name or sender's name - Not their actual email address, so for example, emails sent from you could simply call the folder "harry".

How To Organise Your Outlook Emails

2. Click on the settings cog (Located at the top right of your Outlook page). Then select "View all Outlook settings".

How To Organise Your Outlook Emails

3. Select "Rules" - This is where you will create rules for where incoming emails will be automatically relocated to. Click on "Add a new rule".

How To Organise Your Outlook Emails

4. Give your rule a name, add a condition, so if you know the person's email address, and you'd like to have their emails redirected to their own folder, type in their email address in the "add a condition" box. Add an action -

so select the folder you previously created, then save your changes.

This is going to make all inbound emails from that email address get redirected to your new folder, so now you won't have to manually search for a specific email. Instead, you can just open up their dedicated folder, saving you time and stress!

You can do this for any email address, and if you are getting spam, you don't have to just make a folder called spam. Outlook rules can make it so every email from a certain email address is automatically deleted, just set a rule and select "Delete" when you are filling out the "Add an action" section.

A very useful and intuitive feature which will clean up your emails and keep your account looking professional, tidy and accessible.

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