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Home working distractions damage productivity

Working from home isn't really the regular office worker's dream, especially if you didn't expect it coming and have subsequently had to set up a makeshift desk in your own home.

Home working is more comforting than having to travel to the office, so that is one good thing, but it comes with a host full of distractions, which are damaging your productivity heavily. Compared to working from your desktop at the office, your home device might have your personal emails coming up every 5 minutes, and you might catch up on the news mid-shift. These kinds of things can lose you valuable minutes of your work time, which is especially bad if you tend to work to deadlines.

Home working distractions damage productivity
Home working - How distractions are damaging your productivity even more

Home working can be even worse for managers who haven't provided a remote desktop solution to their staff, as they don't have a work-orientated platform to utilise, and you are probably unable to track their browsing history (not that you have to, it's just a gentle way to sometimes check your staff are doing what they are supposed to - Let's face it, who doesn't switch over to YouTube every so often?!).

The comfort of the home is a major distraction compared to the office, where you might just have a radio and a coffee maker. In your home you have tablets, TVs, laptops, gaming consoles, and all sorts of tech gadgets - The environment is different and you have a bed and couch for easy access, as well as unlimited snacks and drinks.

Home working distractions damage productivity
Home working - How distractions are damaging your productivity even more

There is some good in all of this though, a lot of people are reporting that home working is improving their concentration levels, with noisy co-workers and office noises, the top two distractions faced in the work place, now out of sight.

A lot of office workers who haven't been able to take their own "desk" as it were, home, have most likely struggled in recent weeks to get the same amount of work done. Most office jobs come with a dual monitor setup, and the switch from that to a single screen PC or even a laptop/notebook can prove very damaging to output. A single screen makes multi tasking or referencing between tabs nearly impossible, or at least impossible due to the fact that users will have to manually switch between tabs every time.

Home working distractions damage productivity
Home working - How distractions are damaging your productivity even more

General issues that stem from desktop based work include eye strain and spending too much time staring at the screen in general. It is best to follow the 20-20-20 rule, which is for every 20 minutes spent looking at a computer screen, make sure to look at something 20 feet away from you for a minimum of 20 seconds, this will give your eyes a much needed break from the strain of blue light coming from your monitor.

If you need tips to improve productivity while working from a PC or laptop from home, take note of these:

  • Invest in blue light glasses, to lessen the strain from your monitor/s.

  • Utilise a website blocker, and turn off access to social media and news websites in between work hours, to minimise distractions.

  • Take breaks every 20 minutes.

  • Invest in a remote desktop solution for your staff (If you're a business manager reading this).

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