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Google's May 2020 Core Update - Who Has Been Affected?

As they do multiple times every year, Google has implemented its 2nd core update of 2020. It is being dubbed the "Force Update", or the "Corona Update", this is because of the ironic timing of the update - It was announced by Google on May 4th (May the force - Or fourth - be with you).

What is Google's Core Update?

Google's May 2020 Core Update

Google's May 2020 Core Update - Who Has Been Affected?

Every so often, Google will implement key updates, the purpose of these updates is to continually improve Google's user experience. This involves having to reshape how SEO algorithms work, and it can have amazing, or terrible after-effects on certain companies, who will be competing to reach the first page of results when it comes to keywords and local search terms.

Google actually makes hundreds, if not potentially thousands of minor changes, these go generally unnoticed, either because they aren't announced, or because there isn't really a visible change to Google's search algorithms - Companies rankings usually don't falter too much during minor updates. This core update is very large in comparison, and Google has stated it can take upwards of two weeks before every element of the change goes live on the search engine. This is the period where companies can see their search ranking plummet, as keyword terms can drastically change according to overall demand seen by Google for certain search terms.

Google's May 2020 Core Update - Who Has Been Affected?

Who Has Been Affected?

Google's May 2020 Core Update

It isn't known if all companies have seen any real change as of yet, as SEO takes time to analyse trends and drastic changes, but the industries that appear to have seen the biggest differences are technology firms, the health industry, the finance industry, and the dating industry. This might be because of the relation the changes have with the COVID-19 pandemic, and as much as we hate having to go on about it, some industries are going to suffer as a result of these changes by Google, even if it's not a direct reaction to the pandemic.

Another key sector that has seen shadowbanning is the Cryptocurrency market - Some crypto news websites, as well as cryptocurrency YouTube channels, saw declines in search figures, just a few hours after the changes to search algorithms were first announced. Sites denoted to "get rich quick" schemes will have seen a crackdown on their search ratings, as Google has looked to stop fake Bitcoin trading experts from exploiting those who are maybe starting to trade currencies or cryptocurrencies.

This has been very relevant as traders will now be seeing an opportunity to invest, mainly due to growing reports of the global economy being in the worst recession since the great depression in 1930. Prices could be at a bottom, and cryptocurrencies are appearing more like a safe haven - Many sites out there are exploiting this surge in demand for crypto trading, now Google has cracked down completely on these "scams", potentially protecting millions of search users. The same is happening in relation to banks, dangerous healthcare procedures such as fake vaccines, as well as scams in general.

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