Gojek Is Going Green

We’re all aware of the environmental crisis - in fact we’ve even discussed the topic in brief in previous articles. So to all of us feeling guilty for contributing to the global carbon crisis, here is some good news for you - Gojek has just set what is probably the Asian corporate world’s most ambitious sustainability target yet — to cut emissions to zero, and in less than nine years.

Gojek has announced plans to make every car and motorcycle on its platform an electric vehicle (EV) by 2030 in an ambitious three-pronged sustainability strategy. This will mean powering their offices with renewable energy, working with merchants to reduce their footprint, and going all-electric. The company plans to invest in a series of EV pilot programs across Southeast Asia, as well as launching a “world-first” in-app carbon offsetting feature.

Indonesia has grappled with choking air pollution in cities, with traffic-clogged capital Jakarta consistently ranked among the region's most polluted. Being the largest motorcycle-based transportation country, Gojek’s announcement has gathered high interest from all kinds of parties to bring the plans to fruition.

While their goals seem ambitious at best, raising its sustainability game is exactly the reason why Gojek hired former World Economic Forum (WEF) executive Tanah Sullivan as its first head of sustainability. After six years with WEF based in Geneva where she tackled urban mobility problems, Sullivan moved to Jakarta to use the knowledge she’d learned to effect change in her home country. The firm has also launched programmes to reduce single-use plastic in food delivery to help achieve its zero waste and zero emission goals by 2030.

Already, Gojek has seen strong interest from battery manufacturers, nickel providers and Indonesian authorities keen to assist with the shift to green energy in the world’s fourth most populous country and surrounding region. But it goes without saying that it’s impossible for Gojek to be driving this solely, their founder says, highlighting the need for public and private collaboration to build the supporting infrastructure.

We sincerely hope Gojek is able to meet its environmental goals, but in the meantime, what can you do? If you can't cut down on your own carbon footprint, put your money where your mouth is and show support for companies making an active effort to make our world a greener place!