Fresh on IT Block's Radar 26th June 2020

Exciting updates from Lenovo, AMD and Samsung on today's tech news update.

Lenovo releases smallest ever desktop

Lenovo's M75n (nano) is touted as the smallest desktop in the market and is targeted towards businesses. This desktop attempts to boost employee productivity and still has all the necessary ports needed for connectivity. It's compact size is further enhanced with features which allow this desktop to be wall mounted. Factory floors, logistics and office, this desktop is inexpensive and easy to install. With a weight of around five-hundred grams, you could literally bring this desktop between work and home.

Samsung's new Image sensor

Samsung has recently unveiled the ISOCELL GN1, their most advanced and versatile image sensor to date. Dual diodes in each pixel enhances this sensor's ability to focus. The ISOCELL GN1 packs a whopping fifty megapixel, a very sensitive sensor to say the least. Additonal features include lighting based photo capture and multiple exposure time capability.

For the professional photographer out there, this new sensor means a highly vivid and detailed photo when Samsung starts to roll out new cameras installed with the ISOCELL GN1 image sensor. Samsung smart phone users will also benefit from this new technology invention in the near future, so keep a look out for it.

Gigabyte releases new range of G-series servers

Synchronizing with the release of Nvidia's A100 graphics processing units, Gigabyte has released their latest series of servers powered by the same GPU. This first wave of release are for the G492, G481 and G292 GPU servers, which are designed not only for top-end graphics processing; with the recent need to use GPUs for AI, Gigabyte believes their new G-series line are the perfect solution for artificial intelligence research and programming purposes.

In the second wave they will release three more models followed by the last five models in the series in the third wave. From cloud to scientific purposes, the G-series with it's new A100 GPU is set to be the standard in future server farms for artificial intelligence.

AMD achieves twenty-five times mobile processor energy efficiency goal ahead of schedule

AMD has not only achieved twenty-five times energy efficiency, but manage an amazing six times more. Which means their mobile processors are more than thirty-one times energy efficient from 2014. AMD has previously set a goal of achieveing at least twenty-five times energy efficiency by the year 2020, exceeding that goal by such a margin is an amazing accomplishment, for humanity and environment alike.

AMD was able to accomplish this goal by targeting integration, chip architecture, power management features and power optimizations at silicon-level. We make it sound simpler than it actually is, clearly, this was a tremendous effort by the AMD engineering team. AMD is aiming towards sustainability and is focusing more on its climate protection goals. IT Block applauds this initiative and we believe any type of action towards sustainability demands recognition.

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