Fresh on IT Block's Radar 24th June 2020

New product launches from Linksys and Samsung. Facebook launching new functions on Portal on this day's tech news.

Samsung launches the Odyssey G9.

We are going to use the word 'portal' quite a few times on this blog today. Samsung has launched this massive forty-nine-inch gaming monitor which has a futuristic design similar to that of a portal gun in a very famous game, even the blue led lights remind us of the entry portal in the gameplay. The first glimpse of this gaming monitor was in CES2020, and today is the official global launch. This monitor is as curvy as it comes at 1000R and a whopping refresh rate of two-hundred and forty hertz, but that is not all. The G9 also has a low input lag of one to two millisecond and is Nvidia G-sync compatible. It should be available at a local retailer near you any day now.

Linksys launches an affordable WiFi 6 router

Expected in late June 2020 is the most affordable WiFi 6 router from Linksys, namely the 'MAX-STREAM Mesh WiFi 6 Router (MR7350)'. This WiFi 6 router costs only one-hundred and fifty dollars the US, a bargain for wireless speeds of 1.8Gbps. It is a dual-band wireless router, as indicated by the two antennas and not MU-MIMO. Still, this router is perfect for covering a vast range and a great solution for extending the coverage of your current signal. We would recommend using the MR7350 as your primary router if possible, especially if your existing router is not WiFi 6. This new generation router has the capability of blocking signals from outside your environment, effectively preventing any outside interference. We will say the design is very intriguing.

Facebook announces new features on Portal

For those who don't know what Portal is, its a video phone in your house. You have the option to purchase the portal TV, a tiny camera that sits on your TV or a portal frame, which looks like a picture frame but is a video phone. You can make calls via this video phone to anyone with a Facebook messenger or Whatsapp account.

The first update is messenger rooms, effectively an up to 50 people video conference functionality targeted towards friends and families to connect. It looks like many people might have to add all of their work colleagues as 'friends' too. Some fun updates include new backgrounds you can put behind you during calls, photo ops, augmented reality and storytime functions. Previously, you could only go Live on your portal device to your Facebook page, with the new update you can now stream live to your Facebook group and pages too. Suprise your group members by showing them how you cook spaghetti.

IBM and SAP launch new initiative during COVID-19

The global pandemic has made companies realize how behind they have fallen when it comes to modernizing their end to end processes. Many companies are scurrying to get it done as fast as possible, especially with limited workforce and in the face of a prolonged recession. IBM and SAP have partnered together to help facilitate the process and reach out to enterprises struggling to modernize themselves. Their plan of actions starts with reinventing workflows with intelligent end to end processes, hybrid cloud solutions, tailoring customer-employee experiences and automating processes. It feels like a fantastic initiative which is bound to help many struggling enterprises in 2020.

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