Easy ways to improve your Microsoft Outlook experience

Outlook is arguably the go-to email client, both for individuals, and businesses (Outlook 365). There are a lot of things on there that you might not know are possible - Here are some easy ways to improve your experience in Microsoft Outlook.

Stopping an email being sent

We have all been here, we go to send an email, only to realise a couple of seconds later we forgot to attach a file, or we didn't copy the right recipients in. Luckily, Outlook has an undo send option, which can be triggered within your Outlook email settings.

To set up the undo send option, head to the settings cog, then click view all Outlook settings.

Next, select the Compose and reply header.

Easy ways to improve your Microsoft Outlook experience

Scroll down until you see the settings for undo send, here you can toggle how long the undo send option can appear for - You can have it there for up to 10 seconds.

This is a great feature for email errors - Which are very common in both the workplace and when sending personal emails.

Create custom folders

You don't just have to resort to searching for emails through the folders given to you in Outlook - Instead, you can create your own, and with these, you are able to redirect incoming emails to certain folders. This way, you won't have to search through countless pages of emails to find an old email from somebody.

To create a custom folder, open your Outlook account and scroll over to the section on the left until you find "New Folder" (It will be in blue coloured text).

Easy ways to improve your Microsoft Outlook experience

Next, name your folder, it might be the email address or name of the sender (Depending on if you want to have it dedicated to one type of email list).

From there, you need to create a rule for that folder, click the settings cog, then view all Outlook settings. Click on the rules header and select add a new rule.

Here you'll be able to name the rule and add the conditions (e.g. emails from a certain address), and then add an action (e.g. move to the folder you just created). Now you don't have to manually search for an email if you know the recipient, as you can redirect all of their emails to a dedicated folder.

Creating reminders in your Outlook calendar

Reminders are a great tool if you have a lot of deadlines and things to remember for certain dates. Whether it is a work related or personal tool, reminders can help get things done on time, and keep you one step ahead.

Easy ways to improve your Microsoft Outlook experience

To set a reminder, click the calendar icon in the bottom left corner of your Outlook home page. Here you can add a new event - Utilise the options available, such as repeating the event, setting reminders up to 15 minutes before, as well as colour coding events, so you know what line of work they are related to.

Well there you have some great simple tips to help your experience in Outlook. Don't just settle for what you know, as the things you learn might save you time, effort, and can help your friends, colleagues and clients too.

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